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Cannabis Education Can Land You a Dream Cannabis Job

Medical marijuana/cannabis is legal and regulated in at least 30 U.S. states. This helps in bringing more job options for those who support cannabis industry. Today, more people are looking at the cannabis industry as a career choice.

As more and more states legalize cannabis, the industry is growing at a rapid pace. More and more cannabis businesses are sprouting and they number of products made of cannabis is growing.

A Booming Industry

Cannabis legalization all over the world is an opportunity to develop evidence-based pragmatic cannabis education for all ages. Despite unique challenges to the industry, the cannabis career outlook is becoming greater and demand for knowledgeable job applicants is booming.

A long time ago, getting a job in the cannabis industry was much easier.  There was much smaller competition in cannabis sector, and they were desperate to get employees. But things have changed in recent years, becoming one of the most competitive industries in the world. There are many marijuana enthusiasts who would love to make it their full-time job – and with good reason.  Legal Cannabis education is now something to be taken seriously.

The good news is that the more the industry grows, the more variety in the types of jobs in the world of cannabis. In the past, if you could not be a Forester or a trimmer, you basically ran out of options.  But in the modern world, there is room for all kinds of creative work with marijuana.

So now we have a handful of jobs that cannabis enthusiasts could exercise and experiment with in a completely new way.

Career Options in the Cannabis Industry

To work in a cannabis industry, you should receive proper training to excel.

A cannabis certificate on your resume after training adds more credibility.  Since marijuana legalization is still a new phenomenon, there are still people who do not know enough about the cannabis industry or be taken seriously when applying for a job.  Training is essential for one to be taken seriously and professionally.

After training from a university, you will receive a certificate, giving you an edge over others who may be applying for the same job that you are.

Cannabis education is a booming industry. Different universities and colleges, even more mainstream ones like Fremont College with their cannabis program https://web.archive.org/web/20220126224322/https://fremont.edu/cannabis-program/) are now looking to cash in to meet new demand for skilled workers to fill roles in the growth, production, marketing, and distribution of legal weed.

Online certification courses are also available and taught around the United States. There are plenty of websites with cannabis job listings like Cannajobs and 420careers.

Best US Cities for Cannabis Job Opportunities can be found in:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • Miami
  • Portland
  • Las Vegas
  • San Jose
  • Santa Barbara
  • Tallahassee

Canada is also set to go legal in 2018 and will create an even larger job market for cannabis workers.

Considering a career path in the Cannabis Industry?

Let’s take a look at a few of the highest paying jobs in the cannabis industry.

Some of the most common cannabis job opportunities include:

  • Budtender
  • Marijuana delivery driver
  • Trimmer
  • Dispensary management
  • Marijuana cultivator
  • Seed broker
  • Cannabis product tester
  • Packaging specialist
  • Inventory specialist
  • Consultant
  • Accountant
  • Security officer
  • Marketer
  • Laboratory tester
  • Baker
  • Salesperson
  • Attorney
  • Physician

The cannabis market set to create almost 300,000 new jobs by 2020. That’s more than the projected job growth in transportation & warehousing, mining, and manufacturing.

With proper cannabis education, you can transform your love for marijuana into a full-time job. The cannabis industry gives marijuana lovers the opportunity to make their love of the herb profitable.

Do you have any tips for job seekers looking to start their careers in cannabis industry? Comment below!

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