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Can You Smoke Cannabis Oil

Cannabis, ever since the early 1900s, has been frowned upon and was ultimately deemed an illegal drug by the whole world. More and more countries have since decriminalized the drug and it can now be legally consumed in a few parts of the world.

As the status of cannabis slowly changes, more oils and by-products are getting produced daily than ever before. You might be wondering how to make cannabis oil and properly consume it, to receive all its benefits? Read on below and answer the question: Can you smoke cannabis oil?

How is Cannabis Oil Made?

Cannabis oil is made by either extracting THC or CBD from the marijuana plant. The process to extract the oil is pretty much the same for both types but the extraction process can vary from company to company.

To extract the goods from the plant you will need another oil substance like coconut oil or olive oil. The bud of the plant is then heated in an oven for a couple of hours.

After it has been cooked, the buds are cooked together, once again with the other oil substance, in a pot. After about 30 minutes of cooking, the oil can be sieved and separated from the buds. The oil that’s left is what’s known as cannabis oil.

Can You Smoke Cannabis Oil?

The straightforward answer to this is no, you simply can’t light cannabis oil on fire and smoke it like you can with the buds. You can roll a joint and coat the top of it with some cannabis oil but that is about as far as you can go.

However, there are a few ways you can consume cannabis oil that is much better than smoking anything.

Vape Pen

Vape pens are the latest craze in the last few years and you can buy cartridges to fill the pen up that have cannabis oil inside as the liquid. Vape pens are popular because they are portable, odorless, and smoke-free. If you are looking for a reputable vape pen you can find one at CloudCoverCannabis.

Edible Foods

By far the best way to consume cannabis oil is by using the oil when you are cooking. The most popular is to use the oil in the baking process or when making sweets. Lately, a lot of chefs have started combining the oils into 5-star restaurant-quality meals.

Edibles are popular because they taste good and not many people like the sensation of smoking cannabis. The effects can also last longer because the oil is digested. The effects do take a while to work so one has to be careful with the amount they consume.

Future of Medicine

Asking the question of ‘can you smoke cannabis oil or not’ is a viable question that not many people know the answer to. Who knows, in the future, there might be a method where you can smoke the oil directly.

For now, stick to the aforementioned methods, and you will have the best cannabis experience that the plant has to offer.

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