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Can People Use Synthetic Urine?

Conducting urine drug tests is the most popular method of screening for the presence of illegal drugs and substances within the human body.

Apart from detecting opioids, urine tests can help clinicians to check for presence of cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, barbiturates and an array of other substances. Although urine drug tests have some obvious benefits – like identifying drug abuse problems among individuals – they can also have detrimental repercussions. Most urine tests conducted among employees are usually at random and against their wishes.

Delightfully, synthetic urine can be used to pass those chilling urine drug tests. Synthetic urine perfectly imitates the qualities of real urine and can be purchased at BuyFakeUrine.

Drug testing is a common phenomenon

The American Management Association once published some reliable data showing that a whopping 61.8% of firms usually conduct regular tests on their employees. Inevitably, drug tests top the list. But why is there such a huge obsession with testing workers for drugs? Drug misuse and abuse has been on the rise in recent years.

Today, the opioid epidemic has caused such an adverse ripple effect within the U.S. that numerous health institutions have joined forces to eradicate it. Apart from lowering staff productivity, drug abuse leads to a dramatic reduction in employees’ quality of life. It also costs companies huge amounts of money.

What does synthetic urine look like?

Synthetic urine is usually sold in powder form. The main ingredients used to manufacture synthetic urine include urea, sulfates and creatinine. Once your random urine test comes around, the powder should be mixed well with water. The ensuing mixture looks strikingly similar to pee. Some kits provide heating pads that help regulate the temperature of your synthetic urine at around 340 to 380 C. Fake pee is indistinguishable from real urine, even when analyzed under a microscope. That’s why synthetic urine is becoming increasingly popular in many quarters.

Every synthetic urine kit contains a detailed instruction manual that guides users on how it’s used. However, all artificial urine products must contain uric acid since it is the vital element checked in lab tests. It’s important to avoid buying cheap artificial urine kits that don’t indicate the presence of uric acid on their packaging. Sulfate and ammonia must also be present in urine samples. The color of your fake pee must be realistically yellow. Otherwise, you risk failing the initial surface inspection. Ensure you conduct an in-depth research of your artificial urine before you use it.

When does artificial urine become essential?

When you’re invited for a job interview, you want to put your best foot forward. Some companies require all potential employees to conduct urine drug tests to ascertain whether they abuse recreational substances or not. In their view, drug misuse could hinder performance and further create a poor company image.

Using artificial urine might improve your chances of passing the prerequisite drug test and ultimately getting the job. In addition, some schools require that students pass the mandatory urine drug test before being accepted. You could also use artificial urine if you’re a professional athlete or a parent fighting for child custody.

So yes, people can use synthetic urine.

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