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Buying Your Next Bong

Shopping for bongs is always a fun experience, as the variety of brands, existing options, and companies claim to offer classy selections.

But this does not mean that any bong will be suitable for you. You must consider several factors while shopping for a bong, like accessories, size, maintenance cost, durability, and percolation. Please go through them in advance to save some money as well as the stress of repurchasing.


Do you think bigger is better? Well, it’s based on your needs. Therefore, before choosing a bong, always know yourself and determine whether you are an occasional or regular smoker. As large and mini bongs have their pros. For instance, if you are a beginner or occasional smoker, and want something affordable, choose a mini bong; otherwise, a giant bong won’t be an excellent fit for you. Keep in mind, depending on your bong choice, the water pipe size also varies. These come in sizes of 10-22 inches, and you can pick one based on your needs.


When judging different bongs on durability, the most common factors to consider are the materials used and the bong’s base. Popular, durable bongs are made of silicon and have a sturdy base. While there are bongs made of other materials such as a glass beaker bong. Silicon bongs have fantastic designs and work for longer durations. Besides, even if you decide to invite some friends over for a party or a chill session, no guests can leave with your bongs because of the bulkiness. After usage, you can also put your bongs as decorative pieces to enhance your home’s beauty.


When buying a bong, it is crucial you consider the experience of premium smoke filtration. Premium smoke filtration in a bong ensures you get a smoother, more relaxed, and frostier experience. If you are an avid smoker, you cannot afford to forget a percolator. And if you’re just getting started, ask yourself what kind of filtration suits you.


Having stylish accessories on bongs is a choice of classy people. So, if you consider yourself among the category of individuals who want to enhance their inhaling experience with classy accessories, then consider choosing a bong with high-design accessories. For example, if you like a cooling experience when using your bong, you can select a bong that has an ice holder at the top. Ripping a bong with ice gives the mouth a cool and refreshing feel, making your smoke session feel much easier on the throat and lungs.


While you want to focus on the accessories and durability of a bong, you must also remember to consider the maintenance factor. Because when using a bong, substances such as resin and tar build up over time in the main chamber of the bong. Failing to clean these substances affects the functionality of the bong and the flavor. Choose a bong that is easy to clean and doesn’t require regular maintenance. For instance, you could go for a bong with ash catchers, which keeps ash and resin from ending in your bong water, streamlining the cleaning process.


There might be a dozen of bongs – or even more – that attract your attention, but it’s best to always focus on what really fits your needs. So take consider what you’ve learned here, and hopefully, you’ll find a bong tailored to all your needs. Happy hunting!

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