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Buying Cannabis in Bangkok, Thailand

Is Cannabis Legal in Thailand?

Drugs and Thailand use to get you locked up abroad, but since 2018, Thailand started easing cannabis laws.  While cannabis is still somewhat of a grey area, cannabis strains containing more than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is still illegal.

In June 2022 Thailand decriminalized cannabis and was intended for medical purposes and not for people to get high.

For now, authorities have passed regulations that limit cannabis to personal use.

In 2019, Thailand welcomed 39.9 million visitors, generating 1.91 trillion baht (€51.52 billion), about 12 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).  Many business owners are encouraged that the new laws can help boost Thailand’s tourism while the country struggles to recover from the pandemic.

Recreational marijuana is still a grey area as the Cannabis and Hemp Bill that was introduced in June has still not completely passed, so there are a lot of regulatory loopholes for consumption and for recreational smoking.

The country is still waiting for more legal clarity.

With regards to dos and don’ts, here are some points of what you can and cannot do.

What you can do

  • Cannabis can be grown in the home but you first have to register on Thailand’s FDA website.
  • You can grow cannabis for commercial purposes, but you also have to register your product on Thailand’s FDA website.
  • You can use cannabis for recreational purposes, but only within your home, and may not disturb people in the area.
  • You can use cannabis for medical purposes and patients can possess enough cannabis for 30 days of consumption.

What you can’t do

  • You cannot use cannabis products that have more than 0.2 percent THC
  • You cannot use or smoke cannabis in public spaces or anywhere that can disturb people from the smell
  • You cannot sell cannabis to people under 20 years old, pregnant women, or to women who are breastfeeding
  • You cannot bring cannabis in and out of Thailand

Thailand’s change of heart on cannabis is led by one of its major political parties, the Bhumjaithai. The Bhumjaithai party’s leader, Anutin Charnvirakul, became health minister in 2019 after campaigning to legalize marijuana cultivation in Thailand, which has a long history of using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Since decriminalization, the Thai government has released thousands of prisoners serving time for marijuana offenses. The Thai government has also spoken of making the country a wellness destination for tourists who want to consume marijuana for medical purposes.

Many countries in Asia continue to give long prison terms and even the death penalty to people convicted of marijuana possession, consumption, or trafficking.

This was also the case in Thailand, until recently, which was led by a former general who seized power in a 2014 coup. When it removed marijuana from its narcotics list in June, Thailand instantly became different from its Asian neighbors.

The policy promotes small-scale cannabis farming, while laws exist to prohibit certain uses, like smoking cannabis in public, for example.

Food and smokable products can contain only very low doses of THC, the plant’s psychoactive component.  And all sales are technically for medical purposes, though sellers do not require customers to produce a medical prescription.

Can I Bring my Own Cannabis Products to Thailand?

No. According to the guidelines set out by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, products containing cannabis and hemp extracts, and hemp-derived products, as well as any parts of cannabis and hemp with more than 0.2% THC still fall under the Category 5 Narcotics list.  You run a very high risk in bringing your own cannabis products into Thailand.

Where Can I Get Cannabis in Thailand?

Following the decriminalization, shops in Bangkok can be found in many places now, in dispensaries,  cafes, street vendors, or delivery services.  Even as a tourist, you can now buy and smoke cannabis without needing a medical license or prescription.  If you’re visiting Thailand and want to try the best Cannabis, make sure to go around asking locals.

Weed and Spas in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most popular cities in Thailand and has plenty of different options to find and purchase cannabis. You can find a cannabis shop in Bangkok by checking Weed Maps, in 5-star hotels, restaurants (that make food with cannabis), in local spas (that provide weed-infused massages), and cannabis clubs that offer THC or CBD-infused drinks and cannabis flowers.

Phuket Beaches and Nightlife

It’s really easy to find weed in Phuket.  Weed maps is a good way to find dispensaries or delivery services.  Patong Beach, has many clubs with live music as well as Kamal Beach and Karon Beach, with vendors that can be found out in the open.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai offers beautiful architecture, amazing food, and lots of weed shops. Visit the Old Town and Nimman Road for the best restaurants, bars, and dispensaries with good cannabis


The cannabis scene is alive and well in Pattaya. As you travel through the city, you’ll notice the big advertisements for weed delivery services and cannabis shops offering samples.  Pattaya is a hotspot for cannabis tourists who want to try the best weed that Thailand has to offer.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a sought out destination by weed tourists due to its vast selection of weed dispensaries.  Some hotels even have dispensaries inside!

Most dispensaries on Koh Samui island are located in Chaweng, where you will find many different options. This island is also known for its beautiful scenery and compliments the cannabis experience.

Ask a Local

If you are visiting Thailand and want to try the best cannabis, many locals and tour guides can help you find your way.  Check Weed Maps and as many dispensaries as you can, and explore until you find what you’re looking for.

The beauty of Thailand makes the experience unique and unlike anything you’ve experienced before, while learning a lot about the Thai culture along the way.

Enjoy your trip!

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