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Brand Review: Storz & Bickel

For years, the name Storz & Bickel have been at the top of every list of desktop vaporizer brands and portable vaporizer brands. They’ve managed to maintain a foothold both in the market and in the industry, building a dynasty and maintaining sovereignty in a fierce and a ruthless business.

Today, we’ll look into the legacy that Storz & Bickel have established, a longtime vaporizer manufacturer whose name is synonymous with durability and reliability and high-quality vaporizers.

It all began when Markus Storz, a “qualified graphic designer” found that the market lacked a good deal of high-quality vaporizers and all that were available did not meet Markus’ standards nor were any of the desktop vaporizers back then proved to be excellent in terms of quality, stability, and longevity to say the least. That’s why back in 1996, Markus Storz started the development and modernization of the desktop vaporizer. The artistic background of Markus Storz coupled with the technical competency of his partner Jürgen Bickel sparked the beginning of a new era in vaporizers.

The Volcano Classic – An authentic original

Originally assembled as a prototype using a “Steinel” heat gun in Markus’ basement. The original Volcano prototype proved to have been a disappointment. Because of the pair’s high standards and keen attention to detail, they have managed to go over the obstacles presented by the prototype. They would soon find a way to eliminate the “residual particles of carbon brushes.” This prototype would soon be an iconic masterpiece the one that would set the standards of desktop vaporizers and a device that would forever hold the title of “best desktop vaporizer” an unspoken consensus amongst vaporizer enthusiasts.

The Volcano is now considered not just an icon but a paragon, the quintessential desktop unit. The Volcano vaporizer was revolutionary in design and exemplary in performance. The Volcano uses forced air to vaporize dry herb strains, this convection style heating method ensured that your dried vegetable plant matter will be vaporized evenly and efficiently, without getting to the point of combustion. This means that the Volcano vaporizer allows its users to experience their favorite dry herb strains in its purest form, without the risk of inhaling burnt and charred material. You’re sure to get vapors that are clean and fresh, strong and potent. And you get them every single time, every single session.

That’s what separates the Volcano vaporizer amongst other vaporizers in its class. Furthermore, it cemented and solidified the name Storz & Bickel in the vaporizer industry. This weed tech was filed for patent and was granted in 1998. Two years later, the Volcano Classic vaporizer was set to enter the international market and was received with warm welcome both by experts, advanced users, and seasoned veterans as well as beginners and novices who are utterly impressed by the device’s durability and functionality making Storz & Bickel one of the best brand for desktop vaporizers the moment they came out.

Volcano Digital – Beyond the Looking Glass

Seven years later, the second iteration of the Volcano vaporizer was released. This time the traditional classic had undergone an unnecessary yet welcome transformation. The Volcano became the company’s first “electronically controlled vaporizer.”  Storz & Bickel brought to the table the German manufacturing standard, something that the Germans are known about. Let’s look into German made automobiles, brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen, they’re the best in their craft and in the business and Storz & Bickel is pretty much the BMW and the Mercedes Benz of the vaporizer industry. They’re the top-tier brands and there’s a reason why they’re there. Storz & Bickel is simply one of the best when it comes to manufacturing vaporizers and they know that the only formula to making high-grade devices is by starting with similarly high-grade materials making the Volcano the best desktop vaporizer since its conception and even till today.

Licensed and Recognized

Two years after the success of the Volcano Digital, Storz & Bickel received certification and recognition of its high standards in managing their company according to “ISO 9001 and 13485” and is now an approved institution to manufacture medical devices. This gave Storz & Bickel the leading edge in terms of manufacturing quality since their devices are now up to par and can be used by consumers who have a more delicate and complex requirement compared to the casual consumers. This factor alone shows the quality of their products. Being a globally recognized company, Storz & Bickel have maintained and improved the quality of their products.

Partners Storz & Bickel states that obtaining the necessary funds, acquiring patents and certificates are daunting and demanding phases of forming their company though these feats were pivotal to the company’s success. The consumption of cannabis concentrates paved the way for a brand new industry, the overall manufacture and production of vaporizers for cannabis-based products gave way for startup businesses who are mostly in it for the money and not exactly for the quality and the betterment of the industry. Storz & Bickel is a brand that continues to uphold the standards of what a desktop vaporizer is. The same consistent quality customers have known in the original Storz & Bickel vaporizer is enjoyed by the later generations of vaporizer enthusiasts, the best desktop vaporizer then is still the same best desktop vaporizer of 2018.

The Vapor Factory

In 2016 Storz & Bickel built the first ever factory in the world to manufacture medical grade vaporizers to be used for dry herb strains, loose-leaf material, and cannabis buds and flowers. No other vaporizer company has dedicated an entire facility for the manufacture as well as research and development of vaporizers. This factory is based in Tuttlingen, Germany. A town with almost 500 medical device manufacturers, known to be one of the world’s center of medical technology and is the setting where the very first factory set for the production of surgical instruments 150 years ago. Storz & Bickel is the best brand one could ever ask for when searching for a desktop vaporizer.

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