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How to Find the Best Percolator Bong on the Internet

Perhaps you’re a bong frequenter but is not yet familiar with percolators. A percolator is an apparatus used in water or bong pipes to cool down the smoke that comes out. In other words, it helps the smoker to get smoother hit so they don’t cough while smoking herb. It’s not easy to choose a percolator bong, however, since there are different sizes, shapes, and designs offered on the internet.

Essential Things to Know About Percolator Bongs

If you find your bong hard to hit, you need a percolator to smoothen it. Normally, percolators are available in dome shape. With the latest technology, today, you can choose from various designs and shapes according to your preference. But overall, they are all efficient in removing toxins from your joint.

This apparatus filters and cools the smoke in two ways:

  1. The smoke goes into the water and then it naturally cools down. Another round, it allows massive smoke to be submerged into the water so it comes out cooler.
  2. The percolator breaks down bubbles into smaller size because of the pressure. Hence, you get cooler and smoother hit right from your pipe.

Experienced bong users understand how important it is to use filter in smoking cannabis. Hence, the key use of this contraption is making the smoke smoother to inhale. Smokers who have problem in hitting their bongs need a percolator. But one important consideration is its effect on your high. Some believe that it can increase THC absorption which is not true. The percolator bong doesn’t affect your high but it slightly decreases THC.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re planning to buy your own percolator bong, knowing how much you need to spend is also important. Take a look at https://www.herbtools.com/bongs/percolator.html for a good collection of percolator bongs for sale. Generally, there are cheap and expensive percolators available on the internet. The price depends on the quality and type of percolator bong you want to buy. To compare prices, you can check out leading sites that offer percolators. Once you’ve chosen the right item online, make sure that you are dealing with a reliable company before paying them.

Find more great deals on percolator water pipes here: https://ebay.to/2rB0yQz

Additional Tips

Before you buy a percolator, make sure that it is easy to clean. The ones with non-stick glasses are simple to clean. But if your percolator bong looks cloudy, you can use rubbing alcohol when cleaning the pipe. Just make sure not to overdo it or else your bong will get damaged. In addition, a strong shaking can also help you in removing even the stickiest dirt. You can put alcohol in your bong for a few minutes to eliminate particles effectively.

Some add Epsom salt to clean your bong. Whatever solution you use to maintain the clearness of your pipe, you need to keep your percolator clean so that you can maximize its efficiency when you smoke. Put these tips in mind so you can surely find the best percolator bong on the internet.

More Resources: https://www.herbtools.com

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