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Beginners Guide to Smoking Weed

Discover how to smoke weed the right way so you do not have a bad experience, especially when you are trying for a very first time.  It is true that you do not need to be a master to smoke weed, but it is worth taking into account some simple tips.

It is also true that it is not very difficult to roll a joint, light a fire, and take a puff. Also, it is very possible that you know someone who does it and helps make everything much easier.

But it is also important to keep in mind that not everyone feels the same after smoking weed. It is also important to know that the first few times you smoke, the effects can be much more intense than if you have been smoking for a while.

This beginner’s guide on smoking weed can help you with what to prepare for.  Read on to know more.

Your First Time with Weed

Discovering and trying new things is exciting. If it were not for the curiosity we have, many things that we know today would not exist.

If you are curious about smoking weed, it is best to do it in the most pleasant way possible for yourself and others.  It is practically impossible that something bad happens to you healthwise, but you can have an unpleasant feeling like having intense anxiety or find yourself in an uncomfortable place when you get stoned.

In any case it is a decision that you have to make yourself and not let others decide for you. Take your time before taking the step. If you are convinced that you want to try smoking weed, do it with confidence; you are more likely to have a pleasant experience.

Precautions when Smoking Weed for a first time

In any case it is necessary that you take a series of precautions to be sure of being able to enjoy the effects of weed with total confidence. When you try something new you want to be more or less sure of how the situation will evolve.

When it comes to smoking weed, a universe of sensations and experiences awaits you, but it is necessary to enter that universe with good footing.

Take note of these precautions:

  • To begin with, not everyone is equally susceptible to weed, so we recommend that you start by smoking small amounts.
  • If you see that taking a few puffs does not feel good, do not smoke anymore. Try again another day if you want.
  • If your body does not admit, go little by little. Or in case you do not feel comfortable with the sensations, just do not smoke.
  • You should also ensure that the first time you smoke weed you find yourself in a comfortable and quiet environment. If you are not comfortable it is harder for you to have a good feeling.
  • A private place will help you relax. Some people prefer to smoke weed outdoors, while others love to do it in intimate spaces that are more closed and with music in the background.
  • Another aspect to keep in mind is your emotional stability. If you have a nervous disorder or are psychologically unstable, you should be more careful when smoking weed.
  • If a trusted person more expert than you is with you at the time of that first time; better.
  • The effects of weed are more than notorious. So, try not to scheduled any activity or commitment after the time you go to smoke weed.
  • Do not drive while, or after smoking weed. The moment you consume cannabis, your motor skills and reflexes decrease in such a way that driving would be a high risk activity.
  • After a few hours and being fully aware that the relaxing and psychotropic effects of weed have disappeared, driving is still discouraged. The drug can ruin your day.

There are different ways to consume weed, being the most common for first-timers to smoke it. In any case, the best thing is to know other methods of delivery and decide which one you like and agree to.

Some forms are healthier than others. One form that is popular doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best one.

Weed is smoked throughout the planet. It is one of the most consumed drugs; only surpassed by tobacco and alcohol.

Regarding the use of weed, it is estimated that in Iceland 18.3% of the population (between 15 and 64 years old) smokes cannabis.

But there is a country where up to 21% of the population smokes weed.  It is about an African nation: Ghana. To make matters worse, in Ghana, weed is illegal.

We hope, as a beginner you have learned how to smoke weed in the right way.

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