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Basic Tips When Growing Marijuana

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to growing cannabis.  You might find conflicting information from many sources, however, there are some basic rules that apply for every grower.  Good genetics, good lighting (ledlightreviews.org), nutrients, airflow are some of the important ones.

Here are some basic tips for every grower.

Start with Good Genetics

Genetics are an important ingredient to growing top quality cannabis.  Growers strive to increasingly improve genetics for quality, yield and looks.  As with humans, good genes are also favored in plants.  Find a good breeder who provides quality clones or quality marijuana seeds.   You can buy high quality marijuana seeds from SeedSupreme.

Cannabis needs lots of light

Large vegetable crops due to more light are reflective of large vegetables and crops growing in the summer solstice in Alaska.  Many growers grow indoors due to being able to control light.  This enables growers to produce more harvests and yields.  While in the wild, plants must wait a day for the sun to come out.  Indoors, the light can come on anytime the grower wants.  For more information, visit 101 grow lights or visit website on the best hps bulbs.


While not completely organic growing, nutrients and supplements such as smell enhancers, bloom and root boosters help improve genetics and crop yield.  Bigger roots promote efficient distribution of nutrients, and bloom boosters can help produce a faster yield.

Air Flow

Air flow is important and plays a big part in helping to increase the size and density of buds, and promotes stronger stems.  Cannabis is pollinated by wind and love a nice breeze and fresh air when growing in the wild.  Providing exhaust also keeps humidity and heat under control, and eliminates other problems like mold and pests.

Terpenes and Terpenoids

Terpenes and terpenoids are the plant chemicals that product the smell and stickiness of cannabis buds.  To get cannabis plants to produce more terpenes and terpenoids than usual, they need to be stressed out a bit.  This is not for the beginner, so this is the last tip on our list.  Stressing out a plant is best done during a plant’s flowering stage, or to the middle or end.  Within two weeks prior to harvesting buds, you can start moving or bending stems with using too much pressure.  This is called low stress training.  Super cropping is another option, which is done by breaking certain parts of the marijuana plant’s stems from within, without having exterior damage.  Some growers also remove the leaves around the buds; sometimes this is beneficial to give more light and consume less resources.  There are many ways to stress out a plant.  Bring back a plant from a stressed out situation comes from lots of experience.

Terpenes provide cannabis taste and scent, as well as create cannabis’ effects

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