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An Overview of Dab Pens and How to Use them

Technology impacts every industry in its unique ways. In the marijuana sector, there are new inventions that gear towards making consumption easy and safe. Dabbing is one method that is becoming more popular with each passing day.

It is a common technique with young cannabis users, and the trend will continue. We will help you learn more about dab pens and how to utilize them.

What it Entails

Dab is a fusion of the THC components and hash oil. The manufacturers of the concentrate will undertake the cannabis plant through a chemical procedure for the oil extraction. It is a wax-like substance that is sticky to the fingers. The production of dabs entails pouring butane over the marijuana plant and the THC compound combined with the butane to form the substance.

Unlike traditional cannabis smoking, the concentrates are much more potent than the alternatives. You do not have to inhale much to get high as the substance is pure. Also, dabs do not take long for the effects to kick in. the effect is instant. Cannabis smoking will offer less than 20% of the THC compound, while the dabs will have close to 80% of the compound. Therefore, dabbing is a superior cannabis consumption technique to smoking a joint.

An Overview of the Dabbing Process

You can use a dab pen or a rig to consume the concentrates. The equipment heats the substance and vaporizes it for the consumer to inhale. Dab rigs are older vaping techniques, but the dab pens are newer inventions that cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy. Traditionally, dab pens were common with cigarette smokers, and they would contain nicotine to help the consumers stop the habit.

Now, dab pens are more prevalent with cannabis users. The devices have a cartridge for the concentrate. Cartridges are removable to enable the user to refill the substance. A user can use different kinds of cannabis concentrates, and the substances are available in different flavors.

A Look into the Dab Pens

The designs of dab pens are sleek and convenient. It is why the device is getting more popular with young adults. In addition, it is easy to conceal and maintain them. Unlike traditional marijuana smoking, where it produces a smell, the dab pens are smokeless. The scent is light, and it is not easily detectable, mainly if you use flavored oils.

Since the marijuana concentrates are more intense than smoking a joint, dabbing can cause paranoia, increased heartbeats, and blackouts. However, it is vital to start with small amounts, and you can increase your consumption as you continue using. On the other hand, it is critical to purchase oils from established brands to minimize the risks of unsafe products. The dab pens are new inventions in the industry, and there is continued research about the products.


You have to attain the legal age of marijuana consumption to utilize the vaping pens. Check your local regulations about the products to ensure you are not at risk of prosecution in a court of law.

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