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Advantages of Portable Aromatherapy Pens Over Room Diffusers

Aside from the sweet, welcoming ambiance it creates, aromatherapy brings with it a range of health benefits and wellness that is good for the body. Aromatherapy which is also referred to as essential oil therapy can be defined as a complementary, traditional or alternative therapy that uses essential oils and aromatic materials to promote good health and well-being.

It is thought of as an art and also as a science that improves the health of the spirit, mind, and body and enhances physical and emotional health. For more on aromatherapy, see this article here.

Aromatherapy can be used either through inhalation or topical application. It works through the senses of smell (inhalation) and touch (skin absorption). Inhalation could be done through diffusers, which come in various forms such as sprays, oil droplets, portable pens, or in a steam bath. This evaporates into the air and it is inhaled or taken in. When used topically, it is used as massage oil, or in bath and skincare products. They are applied directly to the skin and absorbed.

One very easy way to continuously enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy is by inhaling it through portable pens. These are colorful, hard, cylindrical plastics that are filled with a mixture of essential oil, water, and vegetable glycerin. They look like e-cigarettes and contain a heating element that is activated by sucking on the pen.

Different people know this pen by different names. Some of the names include portable essential oil diffuser, aromatherapy vape, essential oil pen, personal diffuser sticks or aromatherapy inhaler. Whatever name it is called depends on the maker, user or the demography in focus at the time.

These pens are not vapes or e-cigarettes. They do not contain nicotine, diacetyl, tobacco or any controlled substances. They are made up of just a mixture of 100% organic essential oils, glycerin and water that come in different flavors. The heating element also heats the device to a safe temperature which is not higher than 220 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the element just heats the mixture enough to aerosolize it and not change its chemical composition. The pens are also designed so they cannot be refilled or modified to increase the temperature. All these make the device safe to use. See more information on this website.

How it works

Portable aromatherapy pens typically have a special container and a power supply section. It is activated when negative pressure is applied to the mouthpiece by way of sucking on it. When this pressure is applied, the heating element comes on and it heats up the mixture of essential oils, glycerin, and water using mild heat. When a person inhales, a white cloud of aromatherapy vapor similar to smoke appears. The composition of this vapor is mostly water.

Advantages of Portable Pens Over Room Diffusers

As stated earlier, there are several ways aromatherapy is used. Traditionally, room diffusers are the way most people inhale it but there are several advantages of using a portable pen to using room diffusers.


These pens are personal and can be taken just about anywhere unlike room diffusers where it is stationary and can only be used when you are in your room or personal space. You can bring this along in the car, take it to the office and use it anywhere and at any time you so desire. It does not have a strong smell and so will not affect nor disturb anyone especially those that will not appreciate the smell. You simply inhale and exhale it through your nose and no one else gets any effect from it as they will not perceive it.

It Works in a direct way

When you use room diffusers and inhale it, it goes through your nose to your lungs. The alveoli in the lungs absorb the active ingredients. Normally, the active ingredients are supposed to stimulate the nerves in the olfactory lobe which is in your nose. When you inhale through a pen, the ingredients go directly into the olfactory lobe. When the mist is been exhaled through the nose, the ingredients stimulate the nerves there and activate the limbic system, going directly to the brain.

Human Physiology

Another reason why portable pens are better is what is referred to as the sensory adaptation syndrome. This is when the body gets used to a particular smell, taste or feel based on continuous exposure. That is, when room diffusers are used, after a few minutes, the nostrils get accustomed to the smell and can’t perceive it again. With the portable pens, each inhalation brings with it the goodness of the essential oils. It may be one hour or several hours later, you still get the same sensation and delight from it.

See this link for more about the portable pens here


The essential oil mixture in the portable aromatherapy pens are designed to help lower stress, improve your energy levels, boost your mood and also enhance your concentration. The flavors contained therein also make it more delightful to inhale.

Are you having a stressful time maybe at work or you are someone that exerts a lot of energy may be through sports? It is time you get a portable aromatherapy pen and take it everywhere you go.

It is recommended that you take about 2-3 breaths of the inhaler 2-3 times a day, this will leave you feeling fresh and every breath feeling like your first breath. All in all, it will leave you feeling satisfied.

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