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A Guide to Using CBD Cream

The main ingredient in CBD cream is cannabidiol (CBD), which is a powerful antioxidant with numerous benefits. Top of the list of benefits is its nourishing properties that prevent the skin from drying. It also bolsters the healing process, allowing the skin to heal faster.

In addition to hastening the healing process, CBD cream strengthens the skin’s defense system, giving it the ability to regenerate faster. In a nutshell, CBD balm helps in eliminating or relieving various medical conditions and skin ailments.

Let’s dive deeper into what CBD balm has to offer:

CBD Balm For Treating Pain

CBD can help you deal with chronic pain by negating inflammation. CBD binds with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, specifically the CB2 receptors, which are also found in the skin. The cream is particularly effective when dealing with localized pain, as it does not penetrate all the way to the bloodstream. CBD cream is particularly ideal for individuals suffering from arthritis.

CBD Balm For Treating Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a type of autoimmune disease that causes patches of abnormal skin. Topicals such as CBD cream can ease psoriasis or its effects by slowing skin cells growth and negating the inflammation.

CBD Balm For Treating Dry Skin

Hemp seed and hemp flower seed oil is made of a perfect balance of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, which are capable of nourishing and moisturizing different types of skins.

CBD Balm For Treating Eczema

CBD cream is capable of helping you deal with conditions such as eczema by relieving dry skin and helping reduce inflammation. Additionally, CBD will help you deal with other conditions such as pain and itching.

CBD Balm For Treating Acne

Acne is a common skin problem among adolescents. CBD can help you deal with the condition. According to, studies have shown that CBD can improve sebum production regulation and help you deal with inflammation.

CBD Balm For Dealing With Wrinkles

CBD cream can stimulate and balance oil production. Fine lines and wrinkles are pronounced when the skin is dry. Increasing and balancing skin production can reduce their appearance.

How To Effectively Use CBD Balm?

You should only apply the cream on clean and dry skin. As such, thoroughly clean and dry your skin. Apply the cream on your skin using gentle circular motions. On affected parts of the skin, apply a larger amount of ointment. Thereafter, cover with a patch of bandage. The cream is suitable for everyday use and for use on every type of skin.

You can also use the balm to care for your nails and hair. Additionally, you can use it as your lip balm. With years of use, there have been no documented side effects of using hemp seed oil locally. That said, it is important to note that some people can exhibit sensitivities to certain substances contained in the essential oils of full-spectrum CBD extracts. If you are hypersensitive to the oil, stop using that particular product and look for another one.


Herein we have 2 simple CBD balm recipes you can make at home. The recipes make use of all-natural ingredients.

Simple Hemp CBD Oil Balm

Dissolves hemp oil base and coconut butter in a stainless pot. Mix the ingredients well. As the mixture cools down, add some drops of CBD oil. While the mixture is the liquid state, pour it into a jar and cool. You can store the balm in the refrigerator.

Hemp CBD Lotion

Put some aloe vera gel in a glass jar and add some drops of CBD oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. This lotion however should not be stored. Prepare a fresh batch every time whenever you want to use it.

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