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9 Comedy Marijuana Movies to Watch In 2020

Weed, hashish, joints, blunts, and all sorts of iterations associated with cannabis have been popularly included in pop culture and other references for quite some time now. In fact, the counterculture of the 1960s has been identified as the glory era for the modern cannabis culture, with the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969 serving as the pinnacle of hippie revolution in the USA.

Nowadays, the use of cannabis and its effects on people are discussed in all forms of media, including video games, movies, comics, novels, music, and animes.

But how much is of this is depicted in pop culture you might say? A lot! According to research by Way of Leaf, the first-ever mention of marijuana was in 1989, but by 2016 more than 30 references were found and was the most mentioned substance above any other.

Moreover, in another research of music videos, 40-50% of them depicted the use of cannabis or tobacco. In short, pop culture is ruled by Weed!

To further the love of this culture, let’s take a quick look at some of the best comedy movies you should watch while sharing a blunt with your buddy or group to add the extra feel:

Dazed and Confused

The coming of age comedy film released in 1993, starring the likes of Ben Affleck, Mathew McConaughey, and Milla Jovovic, to name a few, Dazed and Confused had minor success. But over the years it enjoyed critical and commercial success.

The movie ranked third on the 50 Best High School Movies on the Entertainment Weekly magazine as well as 10th on the Funniest Movies of the Past 25 Years.

Not giving much plot away, the movie is all about shenanigans and undesirable situations that high school kids often get themselves into. Do check out Butch Walker and The Black Widows music video ‘Synthesizers’ after the movie for extra McConaughey fun!

Half Baked

Dave Chappelle, the guru amongst us! Even though Half Baked turned out to be a box office failure and was generally received with not so good reviews back in 1998, however since then, it has attained a cult status. The film has had several re-releases on DVD and is considered a classic.

Dave plays Thurgood Jenkins also known by his other name, Sir Smoke-a-Lot who along with three other lifelong stoners go on a journey to bail out a friend caught for killing a diabetic police horse for feeding it junk food. But when all goes well, things get even more tipsy and twisty.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Also known as Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies, the film features second-generation Asian-American friends who share a love for pot. Together they smoke marijuana, and upon seeing a TV commercial for White Castle simply cannot stop thinking about getting their mouths full of hamburgers.

With a peculiar case of munchies, the duo comes across a ton of misadventures in between and meeting up with a ton of cast members that make their cameo in the film.

Once you are done watching this, I recommend you watch the sequels too. The subversion of racial stereotypes makes this more than a typical stoner comedy.

How High

Starring Method Man and Redman portraying cannabis lovers end up meeting a deceased friend after accidentally smoking his ashes. After acing their test with the help of their friendly ghost, the two end up applying for Harvard University.

After that, the struggle of staying at the institute keeps the movie progressing forward. The film apparently has a sequel called How High 2 which you might want to check out. This movie deserves to be on the list because why not?

It is a stoner comedy even though it absolutely bombed commercially. This makes it all the reason to get stoned and watch it.


Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane along with Mila Kunis and Jessica Barth make the main cast for the film. A 2012 comedy directed and written by MacFarlane who also plays an animated teddy bear that came to life due to a magical wish coming true.

The film mostly revolves around John Bennett (Wahlberg) and Ted (MacFarlane) who grow up together to be an inseparable pair.

However, they may now face real life and grown-up issues such as making a decent living for themselves and presumably settling down as well as starting a family of their own.

The film also has a sequel by the name Ted 2 which you might want to watch later.

Mac & Devin Go to High School

Whiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg pair up in this direct to DVD comedy film where they must help each other get through high school while keeping it free, wild and young.

While critics found this movie, not in good terms, I am pretty sure that with the right spiritually attained minds, this film can teach something about high school and society that non-stoners simply wouldn’t get.

It is however interesting to know that while the film was shot at Mire Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, California, just days after filming began, and individuals have already reported smoking marijuana on campus.

If you are a student and running out of time, just ask professionals to do my essay for me while you can watch and enjoy these movies. A healthy mindset makes you do the job in a better way. So it is important to give some time to yourself.

The Beach Bum

A 2019 stoner comedy film, starring Mathew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Martin Lawrence, and Zac Effron, the Beach Bum was met with mixed reviews. However, McConaughey was the star performer nonetheless and was well received.

The story may have to offer a lot of bumps along the way and may have a lot of undertones that the majority of the audience simply don’t get at first glance.

So make sure you have the right stash with you to watch this one hour and thirty-five minutes featured length film. While this may very well have been McConaughey’s lowest wide opening in his career, I would still recommend that you watch this film with the mindset of none other than ‘Alright, alright, alright!’

However, in case you need Assignment Assistance, just reach out to a reliable service provider to get the job done and have some free time to watch this movie.

Pineapple Express

More of a comedy-action film, but when you put Seth Rogen and James Franco together in the lead role of a film, you are bound to offer an amazing ride for the audiences. The plot revolves around a process server and his marijuana dealers witnessing a brutal murder and fleeing from both a drug lord and corrupt police.

Due to the commercial success of the film, a sequel may be around the corner, but we would never know unless it is officially announced. The film also garnered favorable reviews with Franco’s performance noticeably stealing the spotlight quite easily.

Up In Smoke

Image Credit

We saved the OG of all stoner movies for the last. This is Cheech & Chong’s first feature-length film that will keep you in stitches throughout the run of the movie, which is now considered a classic. Even though the film was originally met with negative reviews, the film now has its own legacy in the stoner comedy genre.

While there are several primary and secondary films out there, there have been reports of several other scripts that were not touched upon. I recommend that you do a Cheech and Chong marathon if you ever get the chance.


A great way to pass your time in the safety of your house while stoned is none other than consuming digital media. I hope this movie list offers you tons of enjoyment and laughter; however, be prepared for the munchies.

As I would do, order yourself some food in advance, that way, you stay at your spot without bothering to ‘pause’ the movie and shifting around the place to get food ready. Cheers and happy movie night to all of you!


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