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7 Ways To Consume CBD

Why should you stick to boring old CBD pills when you can order yourself a CBD infused pizza?

The versatility of CBD oil combined with human creativity has led to some interesting ways CBD can be consumed.

Finding the right method to fit your needs will not only boost the positive results, but also improve your overall user experience.

CBD pills

Starting with the most obvious and familiar, you can consume CBD through pills. These can take longer to kick in than other methods, especially if you have a slow metabolism. However, the effects of pills will also last longer than that of most other methods of consumption.

CBD tinctures

Tinctures are a liquid form of CBD meant to be absorbed by the mucous membrane located under the tongue. They have the benefit of kicking in almost immediately, as the mucous membrane will send the CBD directly to your bloodstream. However, the effect of tinctures won’t last as long as that of CBD pills.

To get the effect of tinctures, you place drops of the substance under your tongue, then let your body absolve them over the course of two to three minutes.

CBD oil

CBD oil and tinctures bear many similarities, and they are often confused with each other. They are both consumed via either ingestion or application under the tongue. The main difference is in their method of production. Tinctures are the result of plants being dissolved in alcohol; the result is often combined with something flavorful to improve the taste.

CBD oil, on the other hand, follows a similar process. Except that after the plants are dissolved, the resulting tincture is then evaporated, leaving only the CBD oil behind. Thanks to that, CBD oil is purer, and often comes in higher concentration than tinctures.

CBD on the skin

CBD can also be absolved by the skin, which leads to the relief of pain and inflammation. This makes CBD effective in the treatment of chronic pain, general muscle pain, and cosmetic problems. CBD salves and stickers are perfect for applying after a hard workout, or to replace pain-killers in handling old wounds. Beauty salves and masks containing CBD are also available. You can learn more about the benefits of CBD over on

Smoking high CBD strains of Marijuana

CBD products are often extracted from the stem of hemp plants, using strands of hemp that have almost no THC content. However, if THC isn’t a concern, you can reap the benefits of CBD by smoking strands of Marijuana with a high concentration of CBD.

The THC to CBD ratio varies widely between strands of Marijuana. Smoked CBD gets absorbed by the lungs, which makes the effects kick in very fast. On the downside, the effects of the plant also last less than from other methods.

Vaping CBD

Similar to smoking, vaping will allow CBD to be absorbed by the lungs. You get the same combination of faster results and reduced duration that you see when smoking Marijuana. However, vaping has the upside of being cleaner. It involves no combustion, no smoke going to the lungs, and CBD vaping fluids may come free of THC.

CBD edibles

Finally, the most fun way to take in CBD might be the wide array of edibles available in the market. People are spraying CBD onto pizzas, mixing it into gummy bears, and baking pure CBD isolates into cakes. CBD recipes can be quite delicious, and since they’ll be absorbed by the stomach, their effects will last for a while after they kick in.

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