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7 Things You Need to Know About Federal Marijuana Law

Several states across the country are legalizing marijuana, the federal government isn’t budging. Here are things you need to know about federal marijuana law.

Guess what? Medical marijuana is actually legal in 21 states throughout the country.

Not only that, but recreational marijuana is also legal to use in 10 states. Even Washington D.C. legalized weed recreationally!

What does this mean? Even though it’s technically legal to consume cannabis in over half of the nation, the federal law on marijuana still isn’t budging.

Want to know more? Here are the top seven things that you need to know about federal marijuana law!

Your Job Can Fire You for Marijuana Use

Having a hard time understanding the federal law against marijuana? Join the club.

First of all, you should know that your job can still fire you for using marijuana. But here’s the kicker: that includes after-hours marijuana use as well!

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the 2015 Supreme Court case Coats v. Dish Network

In this landmark lawsuit, a former Dish Network employee sued his employer for wrongfully terminating him. Why? Because he tested positive for cannabis.

Why is this so important? Despite the fact that marijuana has been legal to use for years in Colorado, the federal law disagrees. And when this case went to federal court, the state of Colorado was forced to follow the rules too!

You Can Get Evicted for Using Marijuana

Here’s the deal: if you live at a rental property, you can literally get evicted for using marijuana. Incredibly, this law still applies to those who rent in states where marijuana is legal.

How so? Since cannabis is federally illegal, your landlord can actually ban its use at their property too. Not only that, but people that live in Section 8 housing are definitely not allowed to consume weed on the premises either.

What happens if you do decide to use cannabis at your rental? Depending on where you live, you can either lose benefits or face eviction.

Why take any chances? We can’t emphasize this enough: Read your rental contract first!

The Marijuana Industry Faces Higher Taxes

Do you work in the marijuana industry? If so, then you probably already know Internal Revenue Code Section 280E. You know, the one that makes taxes a real pain for cannabis companies!

So what’s the real deal about Internal Revenue Code Section 280E? According to the federal government, weed businesses are not allowed to write off regular business expenses like:

  • Company transportation
  • Employee training
  • Marketing and advertising

The result? Cannabis companies have to deal with a federal tax rate of between 60% to 90%. Nevertheless, there’s still hope: Weed businesses are legally allowed to write off the cost of sold goods, which means they get a break on the cost of buying their products!

You Can’t Buy a Gun With a Medical Card

In the market for a gun?

Here’s the thing: The federal government ruled that those with medical marijuana cards can’t actually buy guns. How did this law pass the Second Amendment?

Although the Constitution gave us all the right to bear arms, the Court of Appeals decided that this rule doesn’t apply to medical marijuana users because it’s illegal to sell guns to an “unlawful user and/or an addict of any controlled substance.”

What if you live in a state where marijuana is totally legal? Unfortunately, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms cleared that up in 2011 when they stated that this law applies to cannabis users in states where marijuana is legal too!

It’s Impossible to Bank in the Weed Industry

Curious about why it’s impossible to bank in the weed industry? The answer is simple: Many credit card companies and banks are afraid to give accounts to people in the marijuana business.

Why? Because they could get into big trouble with the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability program.

On the bright side, the U.S. Department of Treasury provided a loophole to financial institutions that lets them bank with cannabis companies without getting hit with money laundering charges!

Weed Is Decriminalized in 15 States

Check this out: Weed is legally decriminalized in 15 states. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s exactly legal to consume cannabis in these places. Surprisingly, the federal law on weed still declares it to be illegal in decriminalized states!

Federal Marijuana Law Won’t Change Soon

Will marijuana use ever become federally legal? In spite of widespread support, it doesn’t seem that the federal marijuana law will change anytime soon. How do we know this?

Because Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is deadset against it. Why does this matter? Since McConnell is the Senate majority leader, it’s up to him to pass every single bill that comes in front of the Senate!

The craziest part? Senator Mitch McConnell did pass a bill that allowed hemp farming to be considered legal. However, his 2018 Farm Bill could potentially be reversed if marijuana is federally legalized.

Live in a state where weed is legal? As long as you know the federal marijuana law, you’ll be fine.

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Know Your Federal Marijuana Law

Question: How well do you know your federal marijuana law? For those who are scratching their heads, you’re not alone.

The point? It pays to understand federal cannabis laws.

From losing your job to getting evicted, consuming cannabis without knowing your rights can be a dangerous game. Don’t want to take any chances? Get to know your federal cannabis laws!

Want to learn more about medical marijuana? Check out our blog section now!


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