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5 Ways to Sleep Longer at Night

Sleeping is not all about getting to bed. But it’s more about getting quality and adequate relaxation of the mind and body. Some people get to bed, and within a few minutes, they are deep into their sleep and perhaps even dreaming.

However, others toss and turn for hours, and they still find themselves awake.

The following are some of the ways to help you get a good relaxing time at night.


Your body needs to be exhausted for you to sleep well. Therefore, if you don’t feel tired, you will be awake for so many hours. Additionally, going for a run every day will make your body lose a lot of fat and enhance digestion. Having a fully digested meal in your stomach will help decrease the number of hours you are awake at night.

Exercising will also affect the natural sleep hormones like melatonin. According to scientific research, people who work out for approximately three to four hours a week have better sleep. You can either choose to do it in the morning or at night. However, the morning hours will expose your body to the morning sunshine, which will help in the natural circadian rhythm.

Prepare the Bed Before Sleep

Where you lay your body to sleep will contribute a lot to staying awake all night or not. Therefore, don’t make your bed your office or kitchen. Avoid taking your meals from your bed because you will end up spilling the food and crumbs unknowingly.

Also, if the drinks spill on the bedding, you will not be comfortable since the mattress will be wet and thus result in being awake most of the night. Also, please don’t make it a place to receive office calls, open files, and go through office papers. It’s because the bed will be full of papers and it will look disorganized.

Therefore, you will lack the morale to sleep and end up having an uncomfortable sleeping position. Thus, ensure you prepare the bed hours before your sleep time. Make sure the sheets and other bedding are clean. Once you get to bed, you will naturally start sleeping without struggling.

Avoid Overeating Before Bedtime

Most health practitioners will tell you to eat three hours before going to sleep. It’s not only good for your health but also enables your body to have quality time to digest before you get to bed. Having a grumbling or gassy stomach in bed will make you uncomfortable.

You may end up tossing and turning for long hours before you start sleeping. That is why it is necessary to eat three hours before you get to bed. You can eat then do the dishes and perhaps watch a program or a movie. That way, you will sleep soundly and wake up feeling relaxed.

Avoid Taking Alcohol and Caffeine Before Going to Sleep

Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system. Therefore, it is meant to keep your mind alert, and that’s why most people take coffee in the morning. It makes them active most parts of the day. However, taking coffee hours before getting to bed will make you awake at night instead of sleepy.

Alcohol has toxic substances that will distract your sleep at night. It may make you sleepy for some time, but it also has a stimulant that will keep you awake some part of the night. That is why it’s best to avoid taking it hours before you get to bed.

Avoid Being Stressed

Having a stressed mind will limit your hours of sleep. It is normal to have thoughts and worrying topics at the back of your mind. However, whatever it is probably, can’t be solved at night. In order to find some relaxation from problems that have occurred during your day, try taking delta 8 gummies before bed to help you calm your body and mind.


It’s best to talk about it and let it go before you get to bed. You can also write it down or call your therapist to help you get over some of those thoughts. Ensure you have a clear mind before you get to sleep, and you will enjoy the night.


There are so many sleep disorders and distractions. However, the above five ways will help you acquire more quality nighttime and help you reduce the hours you are awake at night.

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