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5 Ways Marijuana Can Enhance Athletic Performance

With over 100 potent cannabinoids that constitute the Cannabis plant, the possibilities of health benefits are ample. The growth in the cannabis industry has promoted interest among users of several segments to understand how it can make their lives better.

The healthcare industry is seeing significant investments in clinical trials to prove the health benefits of cannabis. The introduction of medical marijuana for treating a variety of ailments indicates that it could be the future. Several other industries are trying to include cannabis into daily lives for wellness, and one such area, with growing interest, is the fitness industry.

The nutritional capabilities, therapeutic benefits, and the variety of modes to consume cannabis make it an ingredient of interest to users, especially athletes.

The thought of relying on a natural and safe product to enhance fitness and health has been drawing interest towards marijuana from athletes. Cannabis products are rapidly reaching supermarkets and health care stores to support a strong and pain-free lifestyle for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

As athletes, these several ways in which the plant can influence health and fitness can ultimately elevate performance. Here are five simple ways by which marijuana can enhance athletic performance.

Aids in Recovery

Recovery is the most critical phase during training. Athletes go through intense training regularly to stay in perfect shape and prepare for competitive events. The result of this training is not just pain but fatigue, discomfort, dehydration post a session.

The body is in immediate need of a spectrum of ingredients that can replenish the necessary nutrients to go through recovery. The muscle requires critical nutrients such as proteins to heal, strengthen, and build endurance. Going through thorough recovery is the only way to see good results from training and workouts.

Marijuana can provide the necessary aid to go through recovery. The presence of cannabinoids can reduce muscle ache and ease inflammation. It can significantly reduce the recovery period for athletes and ensure that they feel completely ready for the next training session. Oxidative stress can have an intense effect on athletes’ overall fitness, and the use of marijuana can help cope with the impact of the issue.

The healing benefits of marijuana can elevate metabolism and support the faster recovery of wounds. Marijuana helps the body to achieve a balance that can be good for athletes going through recovery.

It can offer a rejuvenated feeling by supporting cell regeneration and boosting energy in the individual. It can help achieve the required amount of rest for redirecting energy for healing and strength building during recovery. A dose of oil can help create a light full-body high that can have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body for the best benefits.  Alternatively, you can grow pure, organically sourced High Supplies cannabis seeds at the comfort of your home and reap similar benefits.

Aids in Pain Management

For an athlete navigating through pain caused by intense training as well as injury becomes an integral part of their life. Pain relief medications become common in their lifestyle that can have catastrophic effects on their overall health and fitness.

Opioids and other pain relief medications come with the disadvantage of initiating severe side effects as well as the risk of dependency. Marijuana can be of great advantage to pro athletes who would like an aid that helps in easy and efficient pain management without too many side effects.

Mail order marijuana regularly can help athletes push their limits to train every day and bear with pain caused by wear and tear of muscles. Body ache and stiffness are common problems faced after training, and marijuana can help cope with these effects.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties help athletes get through pain caused by problems such as muscle spasms.

THC dominance in marijuana can help the person feel relaxed and recover from muscle spasms and soreness effectively. A warm bath with marijuana-infused salts can be extremely beneficial for an athlete’s post-training to relax the muscles and joints and prepare for the following day. Also, marijuana can be helpful for pain related to injuries.

The advantage of using marijuana over other pain medication is that apart from managing physical pain, it also influences the emotional or mental impact of pain through its interaction with CB receptors in the brain.

It releases happy hormones that help to get through the pain quickly and elevate their quality of life.

Aids with Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a common problem for athletes. While training among peers and mentors can be a comfortable and confident zone to display their best performance, competitive events and presentations can be a challenging experience.

The pressure to put their best foot forward during such performances is very high, which could have an intense effect on their mental and physical health. Sometimes the pressure could influence their ability to perform during competitive events intensely.

The anxiety that arises while performing in front of an audience can be challenging to cope with, and the use of marijuana among pro athletes can make them feel calm and focussed during presentations.

The ability of marijuana to substitute for endocannabinoids at the receptors located across the body triggers the release of hormones that initiate euphoria and effectively cope with stress. It helps athletes feel light and calm while performing even in front of a crowd.

Marijuana is a powerful anti-anxiety ingredient that aims to enhance the functioning of the endocannabinoid system to reduce anxiety from the roots and its effects on the body. Regular marijuana use can help athletes feel confident and excited while performing, which can elevate the results and reduce nervousness.

Aids with Sleep

There is nothing more powerful than a good night’s sleep that can lift the spirit and make an individual feel confident and excited for the day ahead. Intense training leads to fatigue, and although a healthy diet can help recover, it is proper sleep that can make athletes feel rejuvenated.

There are several reasons why athletes suffer from lack of sleep. Pain is among the top reasons which might keep them awake at night. The discomfort and muscle soreness could keep them tossing and longing for good rest all night.

The use of marijuana can help to cope with pain, and help athletes achieve a healthy rest. Similarly, anxiousness about the upcoming performance could also disturb sleep patterns and make them feel restless, and marijuana can also effectively help cope with these symptoms.

Marijuana has slight sedative properties in the right dosage, which can help athletes achieve the required amount of rest and sleep. It also reduces the REM sleep cycle and elevates the quality of sleep to support good health and recovery.

Proper rest eliminates daytime fatigue or lack of concentration, both of which can influence performance. A warm cup of marijuana-infused tea can be a relaxing concoction before sleep for athletes. Alternatively, you may order weed online and smoke it 2 hours before sleeping to reap similar benefits.

Aids with Focus and Boosts Energy

The effects of marijuana on thinking have been among the most controversial topics of the last few years. While some believe that it can hinder the thinking process, many believe otherwise.

Some studies indicate that based on the dosage, marijuana can elevate cognitive abilities and enhance focus and concentration in mice subjects. Athletes can utilize this property of marijuana to enter “the zone” while training to increase focus and support elevated strength and endurance.

It can keep the mind calm and engaged in the activity in hand instead of wandering that helps to converge the energy into the task and show better performance.

Another powerful benefit of using marijuana for pro athletes is a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, or bliss after training, such as a runner’s high. The release of endocannabinoids in the body is responsible for this feeling.

Marijuana can enhance the efficiency of the release of anandamide naturally to give a boost of energy for athletes during training or performance. Before training, a dose of marijuana can always be the right aid to gather strength and enthusiasm to put forward the best performance.

Is It Safe For Athletes?

Compared to a spectrum of painkillers, testosterone boosters, and a couple of more medications, marijuana is a powerful and safe compound to utilize for supporting performance. The many benefits of marijuana that include pain relief, stress management can be of incredible value to athletes during and after training.

A common question that arises while discussing cannabis for athletes is understanding its legalities to its use during competitive events. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) declared that the organization considers the use of CBD cannabinoid with less than 0.3% of THC as legal during competitive events, as of 2018. So what is the standing with marijuana?

So far, THC has not made it to the list of approved cannabinoids by WADA. Marijuana consists of a significant concentration of this compound, along with CBD’s presence. Yet there are several clinical trials and studies underway that will provide the necessary support to include marijuana in the list in the nearest future.

The introduction of medical marijuana into mainstream medicine indicates that the plant is achieving acceptance across the globe. The benefits discussed above could give way to a pain-free and stress-free lifestyle for athletes worldwide without the need for other medications. With more research and clinical evidence, marijuana can soon become a powerful and efficient component for athlete health, fitness, and performance.

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