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5 Ways CBD Oil Can Enhance Creativity

Every artist, writer, and musician knows how it feels to sit down to work and draw a blank. Sometimes, however hard you try, it can be difficult to think of anything.

There are plenty of ways to combat this, including getting out of your comfort zone, being inspired by other’s work or getting into nature.

You may have heard of CBD oil and its wonderous health benefits, but did you know it can enhance creativity for many?

Here are five ways it can do so.

Stimulation of the Brain

CBD oil enhances creativity as it stimulates the brain, causing more blood to flow through the frontal lobe. This is the part of the brain responsible for problem-solving, emotional expression, and creativity, meaning its only natural that if your frontal lobe is stimulated, you are more likely to think of ideas, and more quickly too.


For many artists, their biggest critics are themselves. If you are finding yourself constantly unhappy with your work and finding the bad in everything, CBD can help calm the mind and body, making it easier for you to have a positive outlook and increase productivity. If you are struggling to focus and are easily distracted, CBD oil is one way of many to combat this.

Less Stress

If you have a deadline that is causing you stress, it can be harder to finish your work and provide the best work possible to your clients. Whilst some artists work well under stress, many find their best work is produced when they are calm and not under pressure. CBD is known to reduce anxiety symptoms, meaning you can feel less stressed and focus on the task at hand. Stress is one of the biggest reasons for writer’s block, so eliminating this may be all you need to write the piece of a lifetime.

No High

Unlike what many people believe, CBD doesn’t provide you with the high feeling that THC does. It has been proven in many studies that THC does the opposite of making you creative, with many people finding it harder to concentrate,becoming lethargic and easily distracted. Whilst many CBD oils contain a slight amount of THC, it won’t be enough to cause any problems. If you have been smoking marijuana and are having trouble focusing on your art, this may be why. Try Minny Grown for great-quality CBD oil you can trust.

No More Sore Muscles

If you have been working tirelessly on a project, you know how easy it is to become sore and tired physically. CBD is known to help with inflammatory pain and reduce the pain felt by sore, achy muscles. If you are mentally ready to get on with your next project, it may be that CBD oil helps your body relax so you are ready to get back to it.

CBD oil has more benefits than you could imagine. With its relaxing properties, it can help you focus on the task at hand and feel calmer, so you can produce your greatest work.

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