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5 Vaping Cannabis Hacks

Sure, you can toss your wax or shatter into a dab rig and torch it up. There are some more unique ways to vape cannabis, however. Using these fun tips and tricks you can impress your friends and get a little more enjoyment out of your session.

Some of these tips will also make your life much easier. You’re welcome.

Vaping Cannabis In A Nicotine Vape

If this is the only thing you read about vaping cannabis today, it’s still a full education. You do not need a dab rig or expensive wax pen to vape cannabis concentrates. You also don’t need to shell out for a flower vaporizer pen.

With a minimal investment in a nicotine style vape (any variety you can find) and an inexpensive product that converts concentrates into a liquid form, you can dab alongside your vape-juice addicted friends.

This gives you incredible discretion because you look just like the thousands of people vaping nicotine. The smell is minimal as well.

It’s also much easier to maintain and buy parts for regular vape pens. They’re sold everywhere in a variety of price points and are much easier to use than pens made for cannabis.

How To Convert Your Wax To E Liquid

Pick up some Wax Liquidizer from their website and grab the new mix kit as well. Both of these things will last you months if not longer so it’s money well spent. The kit contains all the tools you need to make batch after batch of custom THC vape juice.

Mix one gram of concentrate with 2ml of liquidizer and heat gently. There are full directions on the website, but use a microwave or cup of hot water to warm and mix the two together.

Transfer your mix into your vape tank or pod and fire up the button. Big fat clouds just like that.

This works on almost any concentrate except bubble hash.

Can’t Find Any Concentrates? Make Your Own Rosin

If you haven’t seen how to make rosin with a hair straightener, you haven’t lived. You will need quite a bit of cannabis and some wax paper to protect the hair iron, but it only takes seconds to do this.

First, you’ll need to prepare your cannabis and preheat the iron. Next, place the wax paper on the straightener and put the cannabis between the two sheets of paper. Finally, press down and watch the rosin ooze out.

Pop that search term into YouTube and see it in action.

If you need a more constant supply, check out some of the personal rosin presses available. There are many different sizes out there and they don’t break the bank.

Keep Sanitizer On Hand

Did you know that hand sanitizer will remove the sticky, slimy vape juice from your hands? It works better than soap and water. If you already mixed concentrates into it, you can combine with a little salt or sugar to provide some extra scrubbing action.

If you aren’t at home, simple baby wipes will also really help. Keep some of them in your pocket or glove box so they’re around when you need them.

Make A Vape-Shake

Milkshakes are an old school way of filling up a glass with cannabis smoke and ‘drinking’ the whole, a massive hit at once. You can do the same with a vape!

Take a water bottle and slide a small hold in the bottom, just big enough for your drip tip to slide in. Cover the hole with duct tape to create a seal of sorts.

Leaving the cap on, push the vape drip tip into the hole in the bottom and fire the button while you squeeze the bottle a few times. The bottle will fill up with vapor.

Take the cap off and draw in that huge cloud.

Creating A Custom Cannabis E Juice

Now that you know how to turn shatter into e juice, you can think about flavor combinations. The liquidizer comes in five flavors, plus one that is totally unflavored.

While you can’t mix any nicotine ejuice into your THC juice, you can mix liquidizer flavors. For instance, why not try a little sour diesel wax, one ml of pineapple express liquidizer, and one ml of strawberry? The combinations are literally endless.

If you want a more gentle flavor, mix one part flavorless liquidizer with one part of your favorite flavor.

You can dial potency up and down in the same way by adjusting the amount of liquidizer per gram of concentrate.

It’s brilliant.

Get Hacking

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy some of these hacks the next time you pick up your vape. They’re simple, unique and may even save you a bit of cash. Everyone likes that.

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