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5 Important Applications of Medical Marijuana

As lots of places around the world move to legalize Marijuana, the debates continue to rage on whether Marijuana could be considered medicinally viable. It also must be considered whether the costs outweigh the benefits or vice versa.

Recently, the results of a seven-month research study into the potential use of medical Marijuana concluded that Marijuana does have several potential benefits applicable to numerous health conditions.

Professor Mike Barnes, neurological rehabilitation expert has spoken on these findings, reiterating that Marijuana does have medical benefits

Given that much of what we have heard of Marijuana in the past has been negative, this proclamation may probably cause you to wonder what exactly these medical benefits of Marijuana are. Here are 5 important applications of medical Marijuana:

Nerve pain

Several diseases such as AIDs, cause intense pain to their victims, and often, the recognised medical options either have severe side effects or are simply inadequate. Marijuana though, has been shown to be useful for the relief of nerve pain particularly with such ailments as the previously mentioned AIDs, spinal cord injuries, and even diabetes.



Most people do not realise that for some people, nausea is actually a chronic and very serious condition which requires medical relief. Marijuana has been found to have properties which could make it very effective for treating nausea, without many of the attendant side-effects commonly experienced with most pain killers.

Helps Treat Cancer

Marijuana is not conclusively known to treat cancer, however it does help in cancer treatment by alleviating many of the symptoms of chemotherapy, including nausea and vomiting.

Fights Alzheimer’s

Marijuana has also promising signs of being useful for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Critically, Marijuana contains a compound called THC, which stimulates the removal of plaque from the brain. This plaque plays a major role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The ability to extract it from the brain using non-invasive, and potentially dangerous techniques such as medical Marijuana, may help save more lives.


Perhaps the better known medicinal use of Marijuana is in the treatment of Glaucoma. This is a condition where pressure builds up internally, eventually damaging the optic nerve in the eye. Marijuana has been found to help reduce this pressure, and is therefore very useful for people who suffer from glaucoma.

Hopefully, more research will come out to further expand the body of knowledge concerning medical Marijuana, and perhaps in a few years we will know a lot more about just how Marijuana can be of help in treating challenging health conditions.

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