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5 Discreet Ways to Get High

Passing a joint among friends is a bonding experience. Just like drinking together, it’s a nice way for everyone to let their guards down and relax for a while. However, it’s not always easy to be so open about marijuana.

Maybe you are spending some time with relatives, your parents, your wife’s parents. Or maybe you are just traveling and don’t want people giving strange looks for smoking or vaping in public. For all these situations and more, having some discrete ways to get high can come quite in handy. Here’s some you should try.


There is plenty to love about gummies. They give you great control over shape, color, and taste of what you are going to eat. Especially if you are making them yourself. You can make your gummies be animal-shaped, or make them look like gel capsules so that no one suspects a thing. You can also make them crazy potent with the right materials, which has its advantages.

However, gummies are pretty well established as being part of the drug culture in general. Meaning that while it’s easy to pop a gummy unnoticed, if people find gummies on you or your stuff, it will probably raise eyebrows. There’s also a risk that other people will think they look delicious and trying some, especially kids.


You can make chocolate edibles using cannabis butter. There will be no way to tell at a glance that the chocolate contains cannabis, and it’s not that strange for people to carry chocolate around. You can just say it’s part of a new diet you’re trying — dark bitter chocolate is actually pretty good for your health. That said, the risk of other people trying your chocolate or asking you for some is much higher than even with the gummies.


Capsules containing cannabis oil are quite convenient, and they may be the stealthiest method in this list. You can make them yourself, then put them in an old bottle of vitamins, or try to pass it as headache medication. Your wife’s parents won’t suspect a thing. They will, of course, look different from regular pills upon close inspection. But whoever asks to inspect another person’s pills?


Yes, vaping might draw some looks. But one of the advantages of vaping is its discretion. People will be able to see that you are vaping, but not what substance is in your vape pen. And some devices are specifically designed to produce little smoke, which further helps you attract as little attention as possible.


Cannabis tinctures are easy to make and easy to buy. The application method involves placing drops of the tincture under your tongue in order for your body to absorb it. Not exactly the most discreet method, but it looks medical enough that people might just assume you are using medication. Dropping a tincture is also easy to do during a quick trip to the bathroom.

Alternatively, you can add your tincture to one of your drinks, like water, coffee, or juice. The effect will be slower, but it will still have potency. You can do the same with CBD, by the way. If you never tried it, you should check Cibdol.com.

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