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4 Reasons to Give Hemp Products a Try

Over the last three years, the market for hemp products has exploded. Both CBD and CBG products are growing more popular by the day, and the legalization of THC in various states — alongside the growing interest in its medicinal use — has also led the number of THC users to reach record highs.

If you’ve been watching all of this as an outsider and are wondering whether or not you should give these products a try, here are some good reasons why the answer should be yes.

They are healthy

There are different types of hemp products out there. “Isolates” contain just the substance you’re paying for — CBD isolates, for example, will be 99% CBD. In its pure form, the substance takes the form of a white crystal that looks a lot like salt. If you get full-spectrum CBD dabs, on the other hand, you’re getting the substance you were after alongside several other minor cannabinoids and potentially some hemp biomass as well.

The latter is important because help is a leafy green vegetable. Meaning that full-spectrum hemp products often come packed with lots of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that are good for your health. This is also one of the reasons why hemp has been making its way into beauty products. While any potential medical benefits of hemp are still being researched, the nutritional value of the plant itself is well-established.

Of course, the potential benefits do also exist, and it is a good idea to keep an eye out for new research results as they come out, as well as the anecdotal reports made by other people who have used these products for long periods.

They are natural

There are over 100 different active cannabinoids found in your average hemp plant, and they are all-natural and potentially useful for humans. THC and CBD in particular are both natural and non-addictive, which can make them a preferable alternative to other solutions in a wide range of situations.

They are local

In an era where more and more production is being shifted abroad, it can be comforting to know that most of the hemp consumed in the United States is grown in the United States. The same goes for Europe as well. And if you’re looking to support local growers, tracking down companies that make products with locally sourced hemp is not a bad place to get started.

They are versatile

All of the aforementioned hemp products share a great level of versatility. They will remain stable and active in a wide range of circumstances and can be used in a variety of ways. This is why CBD can be vaped, ingested, or even baked into cookies, and still have an effect. The same goes for THC and CBG.

This opens up a lot of venues for experimentation with different hemp products. From CBD skin patches to THC gummies and disposable CBG vape pens, there is always something new and interesting to try out. And of course, you can also get creative in the kitchen and use any or all of these hemp byproducts as a cooking ingredient for various recipes.

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