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4 Dangerous Myths About Passing Drug Test

Since 2011, we saw a dramatic increase in the numbers of people using dangerous methods to pass a drug test. Chief among these was the use of bleach to pass a urine test, but other methods have healthcare professionals and experts just as concerned.

There are many natural, safe methods to detox the body for a drug test, but unfortunately, many consumers and drug test takers are simply not aware of these methods, or, are under the misconception that they are too expensive or do not work.

“I took a drug test after taking a so-called detox product and failed anyway,” says one anonymous drug forum member. Another online forum member notes, “I took something from the health food store—all it did was make me sick and I failed my drug test anyway.”

These are common stories, and for those lurking on the Internet looking for a way to pass a urine test, they can often be the impetus for a very poor choice.


This is drinking huge amounts of water before the medical test. Urinalysis checks for 31 unique metabolites created by cannabis, 4 by cocaine, 3 by sedatives, 1 by Phencyclidine (psychedelic medications, for example, blessed messenger tidy), and 5 by amphetamines. Drinking a great deal of water helps the body in creating metabolites that are not influenced by drugs. This lone works on the off chance that he has enough propelled notification of the approaching medication test – or – in the event that he just keeps on drinking huge amounts of water every day with the presumption that he will be screened at any minute.   Flushing can be distinguished on a medical test and be cautioned that overconsumption of water can cause “water inebriation” which can prompt demise.

Taking Zinc Sulfate

Zinc is ventured to manage the metabolites of the fecal tract rather than the urinary tract. Taking 250 milligrams of zinc the night prior to a medical test, abstaining from eating excessively numerous solids and afterward taking 250 milligrams increasingly the morning of the medical test. This technique can be extremely perilous as finished utilization of zinc can prompt hurtful mineral inadequacies.

Taking Niacin

A few people are utilizing niacin or vitamin B-3 however it has not been appealed to cover sedates in the framework and has potential unsafe symptoms.

Goldenseal Root

This is a herb found in wellbeing sustenance and vitamin stores. Many individuals are taking it, however, there is no confirmation that it works.

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