The world’s elderly population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Today, more than 8 percent of people worldwide are aged 65 and over. According to a new report, An Aging World: 2015 this percentage is projected to jump to nearly 18 percent of the world’s population by 2050.

With this ever-increasing population of elderly people worldwide, the trend of seniors using medical marijuana will more than likely continue. The higher the elderly population, the higher the dependency on prescription medication.

These medications often have adverse effects, leading to the elderly using more medication to try and combat these symptoms. It is a cycle that needs to be broken.

This article will explore 10 things the elderly should know about medical marijuana, to provide information about its use and its capabilities.

Medical marijuana is safe

Marijuana has many healing properties, that many miss out on because of preconceived notions of the safety of the drug. Unlike a lot of prescription medications, marijuana is safe for you to take daily.  It is also almost impossible to overdose on marijuana, and unlike with prescription medications, no one have ever died from it.

Not physically addictive

It is a common misconception that marijuana is addictive. Unlike prescription medications that can have horrible withdrawal symptoms once they’re stopped, medical marijuana is easy to quit if needed.  It is not physically addictive; in fact, it is likened to quitting drinking coffee in terms of withdrawals. This helps alleviate extra suffering for seniors.

Can treat many different conditions

Medical marijuana is used to treat a variety of conditions, both physical and mental. Inflammation, joint pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. can be treated with the use of marijuana. There are many ways to take medical marijuana, such as CBD oils and creams that can be applied topically for pain relief.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD is a compound found in marijuana that provides many healing benefits, without getting the user high. This means that there’s no reason to be afraid of being impaired while taking medical marijuana; you won’t get the high, but you’ll get all the medical properties the marijuana offers. CBD is available in many forms, such as oil, edibles and topicals. There is even CBD butter available to use in baking.

Improves mental health

Many elderly people find themselves suffering depression and low moods as they age. Antidepressants can have harsh side effects, like many medications, and it can take time to find the one that suits you.  There is also the problem of withdrawals from antidepressants, which can be gruelling if not done properly, and can still be difficult even when tapered off. Medical marijuana helps to naturally boost your mood, and as mentioned above, is not addictive and provides minimal, if any, withdrawal symptoms.

Increased appetite

The elderly often suffer from a loss of appetite, that leads to weight loss that can become dangerous. Medical marijuana can help increase your appetite, which in turn helps your weight gain increase or remain steady.  Medical cannabis can also help relieve nausea, which is another factor in seniors’ loss of appetite.

Relieves insomnia

There are many causes of insomnia in the elderly, and the lack of quality sleep can affect their health greatly. Consuming some strains of marijuana and its seeds can actually help seniors get the sleep they need.  Having a natural way to get to sleep helps avoid having to add yet another medication to a usually large list of daily medications that many elderly people take.

Improves brain function

A recent study by Harvard University found that medical cannabis can help restore brain function, and improve memory and concentration. To be able to reverse these effects of aging is something previously thought impossible.

Marijuana seeds

The best cannabis seeds for medical marijuana are from the indica strain, or a hybrid strain of both indica and sativa. Indica strains are most commonly used in medical marijuana because they are low in THC (the component of marijuana that gets you high) and high in CBD.  THC is useful in treating chronic pain, but because it can cause the user to get high, CBD is used to counteract the effect.

The stigma is lifting

What was once thought of as the drug of choice for burnouts and stoners, is rapidly becoming recognised as a legitimate treatment option for those who aren’t finding enough relief with traditional medication. Many doctors, while not giving their explicit approval, will often look the other way because they too recognise the many benefits of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is not something to be feared. Many of the ailments and conditions that the elderly face can be treated or even cured by the use of cannabis.

Pain is eased, depression lifted, appetite restored, and quality of life is greatly improved. Less prescription and over the counter medications means less side effects and breaking the cycle of more medication for each effect of another medication.

Whether it’s taken through oils, tinctures, or using it in baking, medical marijuana is the gateway to feeling better, naturally.

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