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Otherside Farms Collective ceased collective operations after having been raided in 2011. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in growing medical marijuana for medical use, or would like to be considered for future grow classes, please contact us, and we will notify you of further developments.  Otherside Farms is still very well connected with various industry businesses and continues to be an advocate in the medical marijuana community.  If you have any inquiries or interested in consultations, please feel free to contact us.

Private Collective
For those interested in Medical Marijuana as a business, OTHERSIDE FARMS also offers marijuana grow consultation and dispensary planning services for planning your business.  Before being unfairly raided by the Feds, OTHERSIDE FARMS Private Collective had a top notch 5 star location, known for its quality establishment and quality medicine. Today OTHERSIDE FARMS is still well connected with various industry leaders and experts to help anyone interested in all aspects of the medical marijuana industry.
About OTHERSIDE FARMS Information Center
OTHERSIDE FARMS is an on going activist in marijuana education and awareness of all things medical marijuana.
We continue to pride ourselves in educating others about medical marijuana facts, from it’s history, to growing safely for personal use, to being involved in several Cannabis research programs.  We also have experience in developing superior plant genetics and are the original creator of the Olivia Strain amongst others!  It is through our experience that we wish to help other patients grow safely for themselves by sharing our knowledge through our Cannabis grow workshops.  If you’re growing for medicinal use, OTHERSIDE FARMS recommends researching each strain to ensure it will be effective for your specific symptoms. Trusted breeders like Europe’s Green House Seeds and America’s own Grand Daddy Purp offer some of the safest & most reliable sources for fully tested genetics.For patients who require additional assistance, OTHERSIDE FARMS specializes in closed grow room environments and offers grow consultations for qualified patients. OTHERSIDE FARMS also extends consultation services nationwide to States with legal active Medical Marijuana programs.  For local consultations, OTHERSIDE FARMS offers consultations to patient’s new or existing grow rooms and will make recommendations to a plan that enables optimal efficiency.  OTHERSIDE FARMS has a superlative plan that we know works, and we are here to help patients succeed.
The Feds raided Otherside Farms Private Collective, established late August 2011, on Tuesday 1-17-12 , taking everything we worked so hard for and devastating the lives of many employees.

They took our Rick Simpson oil which we give free to people with cancer, our Feed a Family Fund, all our reimbursement money for rent and for our employee’s salaries, unharvested plants to last our patients a month,  and less that a pound of medicine.  In addition, they took the McKeen’s car which they bought with their own money and not with Collective proceeds, which had to be later returned to them by the DEA.

We have always abided, above and beyond state guidelines, never profiting, and even charging tax to help our city.

We’ve always came from our own personal pockets to to establish OtherSide Farms and moreso, to help the sick and needy.

Patient Testimonials Regarding Raid on Otherside Farms Collective

“I just found out this week that Otherside Private Collective has been closed down. I can not tell you how sorry I am to hear this, not just for me but for all the people that worked there and all their patients/clients. This was the ONLY marijuana pharmacy that has truly helped me, I really don’t know anything about marijuana and the employees there helped me pick out the type of marijuana that would help me with my medical condition….they were very knowledgeable, sweet and so helpful. I really don’t know where to go now to get the same help as they gave me, this was the only place that gave me the best information and care.

I literally have tears running down my face because you guys were the best and I don’t know where to go now to get that type of knowledge, all the other pharmacy’s I’ve been too don’t know which types of marijuana would help me with my health problems.”

“Fact : There are approx. 2,100 collectives/dispensaries in California. That’s more than all the state’s Starbucks, McDonald’s, and 7elevens combined. (Source: Drug Inc. National Geographics. 2011.)

“Federal authorities raided two medical marijuana dispensaries this week.”

So just another 2,098 more dispensaries to go! By the time the feds get around to shutting down all of the dispensaries, cannabis will probably be completely legal by then.

Of the 2,100 dispensaries, it’s baffling to see why they would go after one of the few collectives who are at the helm in promoting high industry standards for medical marijuana in terms of care and compassion for both patients and plants. Places like Otherside Farms are key proponents in bringing marijuana out in the open into a new light, changing the public’s view on marijuana by removing the stigma that has plagued cannabis for the last half century.

My father was a member of Otherside Farms when he had to undergo chemotherapy for stage IV cancer. A conservative with strong traditional Catholic views, he was entirely against the use of marijuana. He refused to even try it until he realized that the medication that was prescribed to him was killing him faster than the cancer. He was withering away, eyes sunken deep, his body starving to the marrow, hungry but unable to eat, stuck in bed, with no relief from any prescribed pain killers and only nauseating side effects from appetite stimulants, there was no peace as he lay helpless dying and crying in bed, banning his own family from entering the room because he didn’t want us to see him suffer.

Long story short, my father passed away. But he passed away in peace thanks to Otherside Farms. With consistent medication that actually worked, he no longer was bedridden. He no longer felt sick. He no longer starved. He was up and about, smiling, laughing, loving, living, eating all his favorite foods and playing with all his grandchildren. He would wake up early in the morning, ingest a bag of vaporized marijuana and take long walks in the park, averaging 4 miles a day according to his pedometer. His life was that much better all thanks to a plant that is deemed as harmful as crack cocaine according to the feds.”

“In late 2009 my best friend committed suicide after a 30 year struggle with depression. For months after his death, I struggled with the stress, anxiety, grief, and insomnia that this traumatic event brought on. My physician prescribed Ambien for the insomnia, but it did not help. I also sought counseling for the grief and anxiety, but this too was ineffective. I eventually began using cannabis to deal with my insomnia, and it was very effective. I know many people believe that insomnia is not a serious enough condition to warrant using cannabis, but this belief comes from deep ignorance. Try dealing with the type of situation I faced, and I believe they would think otherwise.

I also found that it helped me deal with my grief–not by hiding or masking it, but by allowing me to do the exercises assigned by my psychologist with much more clarity and courage. It has been a great blessing for me.

I also want to say that from what I have seen, Chadd has always had tremendous integrity and the most sincere intentions. I have witnessed him on several occasions providing medicine for free to impoverished sick people. During conversations with him, he always expressed his desire to operate in a completely compliant way that was purely non-profit. He told me many times that his dream was to keep the price of medicine so low and the quality so high that profit-seekers would actually leave the industry so that only people who genuinely care about patients would continue to operate.

Even in speaking about his frustration with the city over their not approving the operation of collectives in the city, he insisted on treating the city with respect, refusing to engage in the lawsuits other collectives were involved in because he believed it would not be right to burden the people of Costa Mesa with those legal expenses.

For these reasons I am very disappointed in the city and the federal government for pursuing these actions against Otherside Farms. It shows a lack of judgment, a lack of compassion, and a lack of understanding of the facts.”



“To Whom It May Concern, My name is Mike and I went though chemotherapy. After getting my first shot of chemo, chills covered my body. A few hours later, a fever hit me followed by a nauseous feeling. It’s a challenge to keep a positive outlook while experiencing flu like symptoms and I wonder if the antidepressant drug is going to work for me.

The following week, I asked my GI doctor about medical marijuana and he said it was okay to use it along with my treatment. When taking the first dose of the medical marijuana, it was a magical experience. Most of my discomfort ended immediately. No more nausea. No more irritability. And most importantly, I can sleep well at night.

My road to medical marijuana did not end there. I knew this medicine was for me but I had a difficult time finding the right collective for me. After becoming a member in 3 dozen collectives, I found one that far surpassed my expectations.

OtherSide Farms, a truly compassionate collective with a mission to help patients.

You can immediately tell OtherSide Farms is unique once you walk into their collective. Aside from their extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff, their quality of medicine is one of the best in the market. They have strict standards to ensure the medicine is mold and mildew free. The smoke is clean and smooth and they only have one grade. It is the only collective I know that offers incredible value to its members.

Thank You OtherSide Farms. I am truly grateful to be part of your collective and you have my support.”


Mike T.

“To whom it my concern, I was diagnosed with stage four B-cell lymphoma diffused in June 2011. I was experiencing nausea, vomiting, pain and anxiety due to the chemo treatments. The medications that my Doctor was giving were not working and causing me more negative side effects. I came across the Otherside Farms learning center and had a chat with the gal and learn about the studies being done on marijuana curing cancer and the different strains that could help relieve my symptoms. I went to The Otherside collective and felt very comfortable and safe at how professional and informative they were. The way they explained how they grow and handle the medicine with sanitation in mind for the immune compromised was very reassuring.

The moment I heard the the collective was closed down I was very disappointed in the city of Costa Mesa where I have lived in all of my 52 years of life and confused because of the state law that allows the use of marijuana for medical use. Please reconsider the closing of The Otherside Farms learning center and collective as it has helped so many people like myself who depend on this medication to get us through these difficult times.”

Sincerely, Alice D.

“My name is Tammy N. and I am a grateful and proud member of OtherSide Farms. I use Medical Cannabis for severe headaches, that I have had since i was a child. I was given a number of different so called approved medications, to decrease my pain. All the while having no Ghal-Bladder and taking these pills prescribed, that gave me no relief, has now caused me ulcers, which caused me to not want to eat. Cannabis assists me with this ailment as well. Cannabis is a plant that has been around for Thousand’s of years used for medicinal ailments, food, and over all just for ones own well being. I went out in search of just how and what Cannabis is all about after i discovered how well it helped me with my pain and not any harm full side effects. OtherSide Farms helps educate people about Medical Cannabis, whether you are for it or against Medical Cannabis use. They have helped me understand the many different strains, and what type of strains help each ailment . They have also taught me what organic grown medical cannabis looks like and how it should be grown. With everything i have learned and still learning today is that knowledge is power! And OtherSide Farms, is a wealth of facts and information about not only the Plant but the industry. The Information Center is there to help anyone with a question about Medical Cannabis.

I believe in Medical Cannabis and all its benefits and i believe in OtherSide Farms who cares about People. I am attaching to links if you care to learn, oh and by the way the Documentary I watched because of OtherSide Farms.”

www.cannabismd.net/migraine-headaches The Union ( Documentary)

“Hello, My name is Daniel R. and I am a 21 year-old college student attending the University of California, Irvine. During my days as a High School football player I played an offensive right tackle; though my time playing was rewarding it took a toll on my body. The strain of constant impacts play after play combined with the unfortunate occurrence of a lower back sprain in a weight room mishap left me with long term chronic pain in my lower back. I didn’t discover marijuana until I was a college freshman living in the dorms at UCI, but discovered instantly the relief it brought my aches when they acted up. Instead of lying around in pain on a bad back night, I found relief and was able to sleep in a comfortable position. In fact, I discovered that with use once to every two days, I could avoid the pain almost entirely. After doing some homework, I found that relief of pain such as my own was one of the known medical benefits of smoking cannabis and furthermore that I could be legally prescribed marijuana within the state of California. Up until that point, other practitioners had suggested both pharmaceutical painkillers, physical therapy, and even visiting a chiropractor. While all of these options were pursued and effective to an extent, self-medicating with cannabis has afforded me a cheap, unobtrusive, and effective cure to my ailment. I received my first Recommendation from a doctor in 2010 and have seen a variety of different dispensaries. While many were clearly profit driven and taking advantage of our state legal system, Otherside Farms proved to be a diamond in the rough. This organization cared about producing quality medicine for legitimate patients, even offering classes to teach patients to produce their own medicine. They keep their prices low and operate in an extremely professional environment. With Otherside’s closure, I can see no viable clinic as an alternative to find my medicine. Its closing is an insult to the right of Californians to seek alternative medical treatment within the confines of their own state law; it is an utter tragedy that our government had the audacity to destroy a place of healing during a period in which our nation is facing economic crisis.”

“With a crushed spinal disc located at L5, caused from an injury during my service in the US Army, I was honorably discharged from service as I was physically incapable of fulfilling my duties as a soldier. Upon my injury, through out my continued treatment and present declining health due to said injury, the Veteran Affairs and private doctors I have seen repeatedly offer to prescribe pain medication which has been deemed as addictive and harmful through the FDA. I also have been diagnosed with severe AD/HD since I was a young child and was placed on lethal doses of behavioral medication which required weekly monitoring until I joined the military at age 18. I now have my medical prescription for marijuana to help combat both extreme ailments. Where pain and social discord once ruled my life after my service to our country, I now can use my prescribed medication to ease the extreme pain associated with my spine as well as slow my AD/HD to be socially acceptable to my peers and colleagues. I am a successful logistics specialist and perform my daily duties with a natural homeopathic prescription for medical marijuana. I have visited several collectives around my home and would like to send my gratitude for the professionalism, cleanliness, informative staff, and educational services that Otherside Farms provides. Please continue to assist the patients that are truly in need of the exceptional service and medication you so kindly provide while also contributing to the community in which I have purchased my first home. Special thank you to Chad, Leandro, and Aaron.” Sincerely, D. S.

“To whom it may concern: I sought a source of Medical Marijuana after my regular General Practitioner MD prescribed the use Vicodin for pain relief.

In the Summer of 2010, I suffered a severe back strain in an accidental fall. I am a retired single man that had been taking classes at Orange Coast College at the time, and after the accident I sought medical assistance with my General Practitioner MD and an Orthopedic MD. The initial diagnosis regarding my accident was that I suffered a severe strain of the lower back. However, after reviewing the Xrays ordered by the Orthopedic MD, it was observed that I have a chronic Arthritis in the lower spin. Physical therapy was prescribed to address the immediate lower back issues. While the therapy was helpful, I was experiencing continued severe lower back stiffness and pain. It got so bad that I dropped the Fall college classes that I had enrolled in.

After several months of PT, I started seeing a Chiropractor for more aggressive treatment, and I began to sense improvement. However, after seeing my GP for a followup visit, they observed blood in my urine, and after more studies by a urologist I was diagnosed as having kidney stones present. And it was likely that I had passed a stone(s) at the same time that I was recuperating from the accident. I was told that the pain experienced while passing a kidney stone is similar to giving birth, and I can only say that my pain was as extreme as I have experienced during my life. It was at this point that the Vicodin was prescribed by my GP MD. I am not comfortable with the potential side effects that this drug presents, so after some research I decided to seek out the use of Medical Marijuana for pain relief.

The continued stiffness and extreme pain prompted me to seek out a safe and California legal source of Medical Marijuana. Several months prior to my accident I had seen a doctor and, based on my prior medical history, was prescribed the use of Medical Marijuana. I received a State of California Medical Marijuana Recommendation. Having the recommendation at the time of my accident I applied for, and was granted, membership in the Otherside Farms Collective in Costa Mesa, California. The collectives commitment to providing high quality organically grown Medical Marijuana to members, as well as their adherence to the local and state laws are among the reasons I choose them.

The discomfort and recuperation period of both the accident and the passing of the kidney stones lasted over 6 months, and it is my opinion that without my access to, and the use of, Medical Marijuana for pain control, I would have been addicted to the prescribed Vicodin.”

Robert S.

“My name is Allen S. and I am a Patient and Member of Otherside Farms.

I was Diagnosed with ADD back in 4th grade in 1986 by a Newport Unified school district’s school physician. It was suggested for me to take Ritalin. Luckily my parents said no due to it being chemically lab comprised pill, which could cause side effects after a long period of regular use. In 2005 or 2006 Ritalin was publicly announced to have cause more damage physical and mentally to the body of ADD, ADHD patients, and two of the top 5 long term side affects, was increase in suicidal thoughts and or also caused increase depression as well as emotional behavior problems. The result of long use side affects.

By age 16 I started to have insomnia and was literally up all night. My sleep pattern was at irregular hours. Many times I would be up for days and friends would think I was doing some type of speed drug, which I have never used in my entire life.

Yes I could have gone with other sleep pills,, but again I do not want a chemically lab comprised medicine that can cure or help with one ailment and yet cause side affects. The ones we see on TV like: can cause high blood pressure, possible internal bleeding may occur, possible chance of stroke, may cause constant diarrhea, LOSS OF APPETITE (unhealthy ) and all the Other side effects announced last 30 sec of the commercials.  Or example given earlier with Ritalin.

I also have restless leg syndrome. since I got my medical card, and been a member of Otherside Farms for Medicine as we have to call it. I am able to regulate my sleep, be able to sit and relax with out having to shake my leg to burn out the trapped energy feeling that surges from my ankles up my leg to my knees and back down. Constant back and forth sure of energy feeling. Result of restless legs syndrome.

Medical MJ has only Two side affects HUNGER and SLEEPINESS.

I admit maybe it is not for all, like penicillin if some one is allergic to it, they have to use alternate. Best example: how many times do you go to the doctor and he prescribes you a prescription and it does not end up working for you, it makes you sick, and then you have to go back and get your medication or dosage changed?

Not all chemically comprised medicine is good for all and some get sick or allergic, or some may be have strong side affects.

Just like Medical MJ is beneficial to the patients who can use it and without worries of any other Health Issue that may arise via side affects. Only difference is if someone who try’s Medical MJ and may not like the side affects (Sleepiness or HUNGER) all they have to do is eat or sleep and couple hours they are good as new; no doctor or hospital to lower that high blood pressure which may lead to a stroke, and also some internal bleeding.

Hope this helps”

“MMJ has helped me with my diabetes and insomnia. It helps to keep my blood sugar under control along with my insulin and helps my mind relax so I can sleep at night. OTC medication gives me a stomach ache.”

Sincerely, Terry G.

“Medical marijuana has in so many ways, saved my life… When I was 17 years old, 2 months before my birthday, I was hit by a truck on a dirtbike while crossing a highway. The truck was doing the speed limit, which was 55, so the impact was pretty signifigant and broke both my left lower leg bones severely, requiring 2 plates and 15 screws to put me back together. The pain was ridiculous and I went on a heavy regimen of oxycodone. Which was definitely needed for the pain… Unfortunately I became addicted and struggled with an addiction for several years of my life. I still had quite a bit of pain because the leg never healed right and that’s a powerful drug I became physically addicted too. About 3 years later, I was really tired of not sleeping and being on prescription sleeping pills. I felt groggy every day I had to take them but if I didn’t take them I didn’t sleep. A friend of mine recommended medical marijuana. I never really liked pot so I didn’t think I would be able to deal with it. I saw a doctor and he felt I would benefit from it so I tried it out. Instantly it was a blessing. I stopped taking sleeping pills entirely, and I had no idea and never intended it too but it helped the pain in my leg so much I didn’t need anything for the pain. Even better it allowed me to get through the terrible withdrawals I experienced when I stopped taking the horrible medication I became dependent on. Totally cleaned up my life, even put my mind in a place where I could stop smoking cigarettes. Otherside farms puts such an amazing touch on the medication that helps so many of us. Most places you go you just make a donation and you don’t know exactly what the medication should do. When I got to Otherside farms I got to see a real breakdown of the meds I needed and it made me able to pinpoint my ailments and the medications I needed. By going to Otherside farms I increased the effectiveness of my medication ten-fold and without that knowledge and expertise right now, I’m having a pretty rough time.” Thank you, Taylor C.

“I have chronic pain in my feet and ankles due poor circulation in my legs. I was hospitalized 3 times during 1990-92 due to vasculitis and blood clotting. Prior to medical certification, often, when I got home from work, I could no longer stand due to pain and was living on 6-8 ibuprofen a day.

Now, although I still have uncomfortable days, I can at least lead a normal, active life. Ibuprofen use is down to 2 every week or so. Not a miracle drug, but for me it makes the critical difference.

Otherside Farms has been very helpful in this endeavor. It provided a convenient and safe, and legal environment for buying medication at a reasonable price.

I sincerely hope this e-mail helps in easing whatever difficulties Otherside Farms is having with the State of California and Orange County in particular. “

“To whom it may concern, My name is Jason and I have been a medical marijuana patient since the year 2000. I first received my recommendation from my doctor for a sports related injury, a dental condition called buxism which causes me to grind my teeth and get migraines, as well as chronic lower back pain. I have tried prescription pain killers as well as holistic remedies and the only thing that has been able to truly relieve my pain has been cannabis. I have traveled all over southern california looking for a collective that has high quality medicine at affordable prices. I suspended my search once I found Otherside Farms. The group there is amazing! They do everything they can to educate their patients on the benefits and side effects of cannabis as well as provide the cannabis that meets the needs for each and every patient. It is a true shame that our government would consider any type of persecution for any individual who is trying to help others in their time of need. Shame on you DEA and city of Costa Mesa for what you did. I am now going to be moving to another city because I don’t want even one single of my hard earned dollars to end up in the hands of two-faced individuals who are only out for the good of themselves and not their constituents.”  -Jason R.

“I wish some higher authority would step in for this great cause.  We do not need alcohol, or other elements that are more dangerous and yet it is allowed to sell. Alcohol, other tobacco that kills is not of the market. WHY would they do this to needed patients like me with insomnia issues, getting over neck surgery due to car accident twenty two months ago.  I prefer medical marijuana over other expensive meds. that do not help me but make me more sick. Lets find a rich Dr. or judge that will hear our pledge. Find the problem first before we are told what not to smoke… Really who in government or federal law for that matter is tested for drug use.  Funny only our government wants it their way.  Let’s stand for our rights AMERICA.”  – Alicia V.

“To Whom it may concern, Over the years I have used prescription drugs for a condition called bursitis. A condition very similar to arthritis. I have this in both shoulders, due to sports injuries.

Due to the amount of pain killers and ibuprofen required to stop the pain (not good for stomach and liver), I discussed other pain remedy options with my doctor.

medical cannabis was discussed and has worked to stop my ongoing pain.

with the help of otherside farms, I am able to receive what I need through what i assumed and know was the proper channel based on my interpretation of the law in California.

I feel shutting down otherside farms was not in the best interest of those looking to pursue alternative medicines through a company like otherside farms. I knew it was a place that was trusted, safe, and did all they could to work with me, including what worked for my bursitis.”


Dave B.

“I am an Otherside Farms member and have been diagnosed with epilepsy. I have since then been prescribed a plethora of medication only to feel the aggravating side effects that have hindered me from living a normal life. Since then, a doctor has recommended me to wean off my medication and try medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has since helped me fight my nervous system disorder and since I’ve been a member with Otherside Farms, I have not had even one seizure. It is a testament to all patients that medical marijuana does benefit medical conditions. Otherside Farms always donated medicine to me in exchange for collective services, and I have never purchased medical marijuana from this collective, also a testament that they operated as a true non-profit.”

“To whomever it concerns, Otherside Farms has been great help to me for my symptoms (insomnia, scoliosis) they have never been rude or tried to rip anyone off for money. Otherside does good for me i’m sure they do good for hundreds of other patients. It’s medication not a way to make money”  -Justin R.

“I am currently on work disability for severe migraines from spinal arthritis. The medications I receive from otherside collective provide relief for my particular condition. I am currently under my PCP, Neurologist and pain management doctor for this condition. The current treatment provides some relief, which includes 30 injections every 3 months, large doses of narcotic meds that cause painful and uncomfortable side effects. I have had spinal injections to block nerves which was also very painful. I have had three doctors suggest I get a recommendation, which I did…. And now my daily discomfort level is less, I have less stress on my body and I have less nausea from the narcotic medications. This is currently the only source I donate to for medicines because I believe in the purity of their product and integrity.” Kevin W.

“My name is Monique, I am 25 years old and OSF marijuana has helped my depression and anxiety/mood disorder. I used to be on Zoloft, an antidepressant, but it started to have ill effects on my chemistry, increasing my thoughts of suicide. I went to the doctor and told him about how the Zoloft was making me feel and he wanted to switch me over to another antidepressant called Lexapro. Because of how the Zoloft made me feel I was did like the idea of taking more pills. So I did some research on the internet and found a doctor in Costa Mesa, CA who would give me a prescription for medical cannabis for my depression and anxiety/mood disorder. OSF marijuana has helped me on a daily basis in my life to make me a more functional and active person. Please do not shut them down for good.”

“I have a condition called dystonia. It’s a very debilitating form of a seizure. Neurologically it can cripple me for hours and then days. I am allergic to pretty much most all of the known medicines used to treat this illness. I don’t know what I would do without the ability to use medical cannabis. It stops most attacks. I would have and have had a terrible situation without it. It’s one of the safest forms of medication available to me . It is a blessing to me . Please reconsider closing this cooperative. “

“I have suffered from insomnia for over 20 years. I was taking Ambian, Lunesta, and anti- depressants. Then I started taking Xanax and Valium to get to sleep. I was desperate and willing to try anything. My physicians were happy to prescribe all those nasty pills to me. I decided to try medical marijuana to help wean me off the pills and get sleep with out those drugs. I found it to be extremely effective. What is even better is I no longer take Celexa and Xanax. I honestly feel that medical marijuana saved me from an ugly road that I was on.

I am devastated that other side farms no longer exists. Maybe I should go see my pharmacists and get back on the Xanax routine. As far as I am concerned the city of Costa Mesa is a joke. A bunch of foolish hypocrites. ”  -Jimmy B.

“I’m someone who has probably tried a myriad of medications and while they all have side effects, marijuana has been one that has better a providing relief for my anxiety and also from the discomfort of coming off pain medication.

Specifically Otherside has given me a safe, organic, and for those of us on tough times amid this recession, a more affordable source.

Outside all these competitive PR games, and the understandable pressure of federal disapproval, its times like this that those of us who fought for our medical marijauna right need the cities and county to stand up for us and dispensaries who help us find relief in something already we have fought so hard to win our right to in the first place.”  Christopher F.

“Since the time I was 5 years old I was bullied, made fun of and made to feel like an outcast. I don’t know what it was. I had an very loving and caring nature which I believe people exploited and mistook for weakness. When I was 16 years old things reached an overload and I became severely depressed. Things were so bad that I went on to independent studies (home schooling). My parents didn’t know what to do, so they took my to the doctor who diagnosed me with depression and put me on prozac (which made me feel like a zombie). I stared seeing a therapist which did nothing except make me feel uncomfortable for an hour a week and after about 6 months I gave up the prozac and the therapist.

I began working at my first job when I was 17 and I made a few new friends as well who convinced my to try marijuana for the first time. Long story short, cannabis has helped me deal with my depression more than prozac ever could and allowed me to live a normal life.

Otherside has helped me maintain a consistent supply of quality medicine at an affordable compensation. The donations at Otherside were lower than most places in the state. A role model for what medical marijuana establishments should strive to be like.”

“My name is Rocky E. and I have been a medical marijuana patient in Michigan and California. My primary ailment is chronic pain from a foot injury in October of 2007. I have also found relief for other issues, such as restlessness, anxiety, and stress. I was prescribed several heavy pain killers, steroids, and received injections for my injury, and I was also using Ativan and Zanax for anxiety. I no longer take these medications because I use medical marijuana as an alternative. Rocky E.

“To whom it may concern: I suffer from a neurological condition called Dystonia. It causes my body and muscles to involuntarily contract and move in ways that cause me great pain. Medical cannabis helps me deal with this pain and has been approved by my neurologist. I also suffer from a balance disorder that makes gives me nausea which is also helped with medical cannabis. Now as far as dispensaries go, Otherside Farms is by far the most legitimate among them and they grow everything themselves and encourage patients to grow their own. I would have never guessed that the city and Feds would target this specifically over others. They are by far the most professional of dispensaries and have helped me greatly.”

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OTHERSIDE FARMS offers a full selection of grow consultation services to help patients in all areas the medical marijuana industry.

OTHERSIDE FARMS has a superlative plan that works and we are here to help patients succeed.

Grow Consultations
OTHERSIDE FARMS offers grow consultation services to patient’s new room (consists of us coming out for a site survey, and making our assessment and submitting a proposal) or existing grow room and we suggest a plan that enables optimal efficiency. Most growers make the mistake of micro managing or gathering too much information from conflicting sources which creates confusion an instability.
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OTHERSIDE FARMS also offers grow workshop classes which consists of a comprehensive session on growing medical marijuana for patient self reliance, teaching patients how to grow safely and effectively for themselves. OTHERSIDE FARMS Information Center is currently closed, however, please contact us to be added to our email list and be notified of future grow classes or to inquire about private sessions.
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In addition to OTHERSIDE FARMS
Grow Classes, Otherside Farms offers advanced classes for intermediate/advanced growers and are custom to fit your needs. OTHERSIDE FARMS Information Center is currently closed, however, please contact us to be added to our email list and be notified of future grow classes or to inquire about private sessions.
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Non-Profit Dispensary Planning
Before being unfairly raided by the Feds, OTHERSIDE FARMS Private Collective had a top notch 5 star location, known for its quality establishment and quality medicine. Today OTHERSIDE FARMS is still well connected with various industry leaders and experts to help anyone interested in all aspects of the medical marijuana industry.
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OTHERSIDE FARMS attorneys typically assist clients in business formation, licensing, permits, tax collection, leasing of facilities, establishment and implementation of best management practices, interaction with and lobbying of state and local law enforcement and government representatives, seeking the return of seized property including marijuana, bringing civil actions to protect the rights of clients, and defending against civil litigation and criminal prosecutions.
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OTHERSIDE FARMS has a list of network Doctors which we can recommend to potential patients. Some of our doctors may also assist in community events, public speaking, and research.  If you are a Doctor and would like to network with OTHERSIDE FARMS or a patient seeking a Doctor, please contact us at the form below for details.
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  • Cannabis has been used by medicine since 2727 BC.
  • Cannabis has been found to kill cancer cells.
  • The first BiblesmapschartsBetsy Ross’s flag, the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence and theConstitution were made from hemp.
  • Refusing to grow Hemp in America during the 17th and 18th Centuries was against the law. You could be jailed in Virginia for refusing to grow hemp from 1763 to 1769.
  • RembrantsGainsboroughsVan Goghs as well as most early canvas paintings were principally painted on hemp linen.
  • In 1916, the U.S. Government Dept. of Agriculture predicted that by the 1940s all paper would come from hemp and that no more trees need to be cut down.
  • For thousands of years, 90% of all ships’ sails and rope were made from hemp. The word ‘canvas’ is Dutch for cannabis.
  • The war on drugs costs the US $10-14 Billion Annual Savings and Revenues, which is not worth it given the current state of the economy. There are better alternatives to fighting drug addition, such as drug rehabilitation.
  • Federal Congress allowed the Federal District Court of D.C. to implement the 1998 medical marijuana law while continuing to raid states that have voted on MMJ laws.
  • Fun Facts about Hemp that your probably did not know
  • US President and Genius Quotes on Hemp


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