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OtherSide Farms Clarification to Recent Press Coverage

In recent news, the story is twisted to make Chadd appear that he is boasting about making money, when in actuality it is a 10% plan for the city to help them with their budget deficit.  Otherside Farms and their attorneys have been trying to make contact with city officials since 2010 and is even documented in several sources.  Fearing someone would take his idea we had not released details to the public til now.  Scroll down to see the numbers.

There has been some confusion in recent news articles about the statements made by Chadd McKeen. To read about his side of the story regarding the donation of money to the city, please continue reading.  What’s so wrong anyway about helping the city and trying to help solve the city’s budget deficit?  Isn’t it at least worth a conversation?  To the unemployed and those to soon be, especially those recently laid off by the city, wouldn’t you all agree?

The city inspector falsely accuses Chadd McKeen of boasting about how much money he was going to make when in fact, he twists Chadd’s proposed plan to help resolve the city’s budget deficit and turns it into something negative.  They should have done their research and now should really look into Otherside Farms’ books to see that there is no money being profited and what the REAL intentions of Otherside Farms were, that is to help resolve the city’s deficit, while at the same time helping sick patients as well as others in need (Otherside Farms took money donations in a Feed-a-Family jug along with our Rick Simpson cancer cure, also taken during the raid and collected as “evidence”.)

This is a very simple breakdown of my “10% city fee/tax plan” and you can see the massive amount of revenue that could be generated for the municipalities if they allowed dispensary’s to operate. This could generate a huge amount money for our economy, not to mention, our Country gained its Independence in part from Cannabis, research it!

Now of course they’re going to reverse engineer this and say, “what about all the money the dispensary’s will make?” Well, if they operate how they’re supposed to, and there will be money to regulate that from the 10%, it will be put back into the collective, like how Harborside does up North and we do on a much smaller scale here at OtherSide Farms.

I am a problem solver and have reached out to the city so many times and I am beyond puzzled. I spoke of this almost 2 years ago in the OC Weekly cover story I was featured in, “Growing Pains“.”

Read the article from OCWeekly in 2010 and see that Chadd McKeen has been trying to present his plan with the city for quite some time:McKeen says his lawyers have “attempted numerous times to sit down with the city” to discuss the collective side of Otherside Farms, only to be told the city’s attorneys “don’t have time.”

“I find that odd since the city is being sued—a lot—and to me, that’s worthy of a conversation, at least,” McKeen says.

“I am the man with the plan,” McKeen states. “The problem is, the cities are perfectly content fighting the lawsuits, which is ridiculous given the current state of our economy.””

Isn’t that at least worthy of a conversation?




  1. It is a shame that with all the real issues we face in today’s society that our local and federal governments feel that this is a good way to use our resources. Tax paying businesses are targeted in order to open the door for real drug dealers and Mexican cartels.
    Why aren’t my tax dollars going towards education, fighting real crime and what I believe is the biggest problem our state faces, illegal aliens? The fact that it is 2012 and I can buy a bunch of tobacco and alcohol and not cannabis is absurd.

  2. What a tragedy. You would think the DEA would go after the sleezy, under-the-counter, non-law abiding, half ass “dispensaries” that seem to be everywhere, nowadays. I am a member of Otherside Farms and have nothing but absolute good things to say about the employees, the establishment and the medicine. The establishment is extremely classy and clean. The front desk staff is friendly and courteous. The staff in the back are beyond knowledgeable, incredibly helpful and have genuinely fantastic customer service skills. The owner, Chadd, is warm and welcoming with a niceness that comes from deep within. He runs his collective with the utmost care regarding safety and sanitation and he believes in education and knowledge when it comes to the medicine he provides. His prices are BEYOND fair (cheaper than “street” value), especially for the quality of his product. The customers I have seen in the shop come from all walks of life. From business men in suits, to hippy chicks, to soccer moms like me and we ALL feel comfortable, welcome and appreciated. I don’t know where I’ll go for my medicine, now as I don’t think any other collective comes close to comparing to Otherside Farms. I’m deeply saddened for Chadd, his family, his employees and his patients.

  3. So lets get this straight. Costa Mesa is laying off city workers, police and fire are getting downsized and they wont take money from dispensarys within their city and they request help from the feds to clear out all dispensarys within the city. Has anyone in City goverment even bothered to read prop 215 and sb420? I hope that All goverment officals realize that Californian’s voted for prop 215 just the same way they voted them in their jobs and we will vote you out the same way. Chad is brave enough to stand up for a good cause that he strongly belives in. We can only hope that all of us who believe that in marijuana has a quater of the balls that Chad has to stand up for whats right.

  4. This is exactly why people hate our government reps. When we were small, the “policeman” was the man we went to for trouble and respected.
    Now we all feel like criminals when we look in our rearview mirrors. Really sad.
    You did everything LEGAL, tried to help our Costa Mesa community and still get the proverbial “FINGER” from City Councel and the city you have helped medically and financially.
    Hopefully you can put up with these “FOOLS”
    until you are back, up and running and free to do a service for us again!!!

  5. Just another failure by our government at both the local and federal levels. Does anyone really expect anything different? You are nuts if you do.

  6. Who do I sue, The Feds Should not have the right to force me to take pills or needles for medication.
    I don’t want to be a pill popper.

    How can there be Profit at 10$ a gram + tax?

  7. This is LUDACRIS!!!! They are the ONLY dispensary I have EVER been to that actaully CHARGES TAXES!!!! OSF deserves to be OPEN and OPERATING under the circumstances, this raid was very wrong!

  8. The government fails again, marijuana patients aren’t going to give up their meds whether dispenseries exist or not. By closing them down (especially a nice, clean, by the books dispensery like Other Side) they are just cheating themselves out of much needed extra tax money that could go toward social security, medicare, or our schools and handing it back over to the streets. Although most marijuana growers are hard working honest people some are not and may use the proceeds to fund criminal activity which will further inhibit the financial state of California by costing us more tax dollars to house them in jail and possibly more fatalities due to street deals gone wrong. Not only that but by closing down the dispenseries and making marijuana harder to obtain will make it’s street value go up and further deplete the average citizen of extra cash that could have been spent on other things taxable.

  9. Otherside Farm members. We should all speak up and let everyone know your experience with this organization.

    They give away free medicine to the needy. They teach people how to grow their own high quality medicine. They give out good vibes.

    Just speak the truth.

  10. Mellonie Hoffman

    Not a resident in a legal state, sad to say, but from my viewpoint, it seems the suits who control how things are run in a given area are quite happy to keep things just the way they are, even if it’s not a healthy way to be for the majority of us. The results are depression, causing profits for Big Pharma, and further misappropriation of tax dollars for the incarceration of otherwise ordinary people who are pushed to the breaking point from the way they are forced to live. Coupled with their dubious relationship with the Mexican drug cartels, who make their money from providing alternatives for dealing with life’s problems, i.e., heroin and other black market drugs. Make no mistake, the cartels aren’t making the bulk of their money with cannabis, but legalization would be enough to all but eliminate that source of income. I can’t help but think there’s a strange and unholy union that keeps five-star dispensaries like OtherSide from their god-given tasks.