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Olivia Kush #marijuana #cannabis

Strain Sativa Indica THC CBD Weeks in

Olivia Kush – Originated from and developed by OTHERSIDE FARMS

Olivia Olivia Kush #marijuana #cannabis

Olivia Kush





Hindu Kush x Skunk

As Seen In:
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308I0521 200x300 Olivia Kush #marijuana #cannabis
Available at: Cannabis Indica: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains

Olivia21 Olivia Kush #marijuana #cannabisOlivia1 Olivia Kush #marijuana #cannabis

100% Indica
20% THC / 0.24% CBD
Hindu Kush x Skunk

Bloom Cycle:
8 weeks

Strong and harsh, thick smoke. Definite cougher.

Piney. Fresh kush smell.

Hits hard and almost immediately. Strong, immediate head high.  For a list of ailments treated: Click Here

Nice big forest green nugs with purple leaves here and there.

Great for medical patients with complaints of pain and insomnia.  For a list of ailments treated: Click Here

OTHERSIDE FARMS’ most famous strain, and very own strain. Olivia Kush (Master Kush) originates from OTHERSIDE FARMS.  Originally was stabilized and marketed as a Hindu Kush and Skunk hybrid. The plant is of short to medium height, durable and quite bushy. Master Kush can be a very high yielding plant given the correct soil and water. The plant is pure Indica.

book1 Olivia Kush #marijuana #cannabis





  1. One of my most beloved Strains, along with others was taken from me due to a unnecessary security issues. Olivia was one of my absolute best pain reliever. I had I fractured my’s spine in a car accident in 2001 , My body does not respond well to Vicodin or any other opiate painkillers. I have absolutely no one else to ask and have exhausted other means but my question to you guys is is there any way I would ever be able to obtain this strain from someone that is trustworthy and honest about what the cut is and/or giving me a seed to start on my own .

  2. Olivia is my favorite strain. Do you guys have any others you’ve developed?

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