Wednesday , 22 March 2017
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“Bongs”. It’s no longer an obscure word that would fly over the head of most people. Nowadays people all over the world are familiar with bongs, their purpose and what they look like. Modern media has clearly been the biggest contributor to the awareness of bongs and smoking culture alike. You don’t have to look far to find well known ... Read More »

Quitting Marijuana, is not the point of Cannitrol; control is.

In the new, emerging market for cannabis-oriented products and services, booming due to increasing mainstream acceptance of cannabis use, both recreationally and medicinally, there is an overwhelming supply of ingenuity, as people invent new products to cater to cannabis consumers’ needs. One such creation, a unique and novel idea spawned solely for the purpose of fulfilling one of those needs ... Read More »

Types of Bongs

A bong (also called water pipe) is a filtration device generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances. There are various types of bongs available, but the concept is much the same in most apparatus, as shown below: Bongs can be made of various materials; popular ones are glass, acrylic, ceramic, metal, acrylic, bamboo or even a plastic home ... Read More »

Scalable Dispensary Software

There are various medical marijuana software on the market today, but many are lacking capabilities needed for scaling a business. Some of these include lack of offline support, lack of CRM capability, illegitimate HIPPA compliance, no support for multiple locations, and poor support in general. While there are some freeware applications out there, you get what you pay for. Do ... Read More »

Rolling Papers with your Own Design

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to have rolling papers with your own design? Try out the first worldwide website that offers you online custom designing service for rolling papers Whether you only need a handful of booklets or several thousand, Snail team is here for you. Creating your own high quality papers has never been ... Read More »

Delivery Service Rules in California

Medical Marijuana delivery services are on the roll, serving up any cannabis product you can think of.  Delivery services are setup similarly to storefront dispensaries. In California, brick and mortar locations and delivery services start by becoming a non profit mutual benefit corporation. According to Attorney General’s Guidelines on Medical Marijuana, collectives may incorporate as non profit mutual benefit corporations. ... Read More »

“Waiting to Inhale” – The Movie

Imagine a cannabis drought. Marijuana raids have swept the entire city. #waitingtoinhalethemovie is a comedy about just that. Like the “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle” movies, a similar search is underway for a group of Atlanta kids on a mission for some marijuana during a rough summer drought.  As they journey on this quest, radio personality “Fly Ty”, keeps ... Read More »

In the Burgeoning Marijuana Business, Domain Names are Smokin’

Why is a great domain name so important? Attraction, credibility and marketing identity are just a few reasons.  A domain name is Your Brand on the internet and a great domain name is a huge contributor to business success. CNBC recently reported that Economists, reformists, law enforcement authorities and the pro-marijuana lobby have come up with a variety of estimates ... Read More »

Time to Move On – Vaporizers are Here to Stay

So Why Vaporize Instead of Smoking? There are countless benefits when you use the vaporizing technique. One, just imagine walking around without that irritating smoke hovering around you. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Isn’t that the kind of experience you have always longed for? If this is you, then vaporizers is a dream come true for you. It lets you get your share ... Read More »

The Autoflowering Strains of the Ministry of Cannabis

Their shorter flowering period allows the growers to get good returns on the investments quickly, not to mention the fact that with auto-flowering seeds, the growers can hope for multiple yields in a year and not just one or two that they get with regular cannabis seeds. Ministry of Cannabis offers a wide range of auto-flowering seeds that are high ... Read More »