Saturday , 25 March 2017
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Cannabis Smokers Kits

Toker Bundle Pack

With today’s saturated smoker’s market, and various methods of consuming cannabis, some patients just want an easy method of smoking, with a friendly, easy to use cannabis smokers box care-package to get the job done.  Some  also like the idea of a care package “surprise” every month, getting a variety of cool accessories in a box, some items of which they can ... Read More »

Benefits of Purchasing from Online Smoke Shops

Brick and mortar stores are convenient and offer some real-time visibility and sometimes a knowledgeable staff member; some even offer a place to smoke and try out products (though rare).  Aside from the convenience, smoke shops have less selection and higher prices than that of an online smoke shop where you are likely to get the best availability, prices and deals. With online head shops, ... Read More »

Cannabis Professional Networking Site

Calling All Cannabis Professionals! 420BusinessClub is happy to announce that within two weeks of their launch of the platform (, they’ve had an overwhelming positive response from cannabis professionals on their site.  As a current member, you’re able to gain exposure, meet fellow professionals, share ideas, and learn about the industry. Currently, on 420BusinessClub you are able to: Self-promote and gain exposure:  Through your ... Read More »

Stealth Vaping

Several states have already legalized the use of medical marijuana, with many more on the verge of doing the same. The next logical step is making it legal for recreational use, with the residents of Colorado now enjoying that particular freedom. The change in the laws and the modernization of how we think about marijuana should mean that we also ... Read More »