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Considerations When Buying Cannabis Marijuana Seeds Online

There are many prime options for buying cannabis seeds online, shopping online at cannabis seed seedbanks can be done safe and secure. Many cannabis seed seedbanks ship offer worldwide shipping, so whether you’re in the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, or anywhere else, you can count on having pot seeds being available for shipment to your county. Make sure ... Read More »

The Art of Cloning

About Cloning A clone is a cutting from a mature cannabis plant which can be replanted to produce another plant.  A clone  has the exact genetics from the “mom” plant which it was cut from.  If the “mom” plant was strong and healthy, then the clone will also have those genetics, but if the “mom” had any issues, then the ... Read More »

The Art of Trimming

Trimming is an art, and comes in handy during the grow process all the way to harvest.  During the grow process, trimming is used when preparing clones and during the grow process, to allow more light to penetrate the bud.  Once harvest day has come, growers get to see all their hard work come to fruition and showcase their quality ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Spider Mite Pests


What are Spider Mites? Spider mites are members of the mite family, which includes about 1,200 species, and attack hundreds of species of plants.  The best known member of the group is Tetranychus urticae, which is usually found in cosmopolitan areas. Spider mites attack a wide range of plants, including peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, corn, strawberries, and cannabis. Spider mites generally ... Read More »

Seeds vs Clones

First time growers might ask, what’s better, growing from seeds or clones? They both have pros and cons. At the end of the day, whichever option you choose, you want to look for good genetics, and if a beginner, an easier strain to grow. Clones What is a clone?  A clone is a cutting from a mature cannabis plant which ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana Grow Consultation Services – OTHERSIDE FARMS

OTHERSIDE FARMS Medical Marijuana Information Center is a place for education and awareness of all things medical marijuana. The OTHERSIDE FARMS Medical Marijuana Information Center also offers various classes on Medical Marijuana education, including cultivation, cooking, medicinal benefits, and Cannabis law. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Read More »

Difference between Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Seeds Of Dutch extraction, Feminized Seeds completely eliminate the worry of having male plants take up space in a garden, ruin a crop, and be generally useless. There is no difference in the growing technique of the Feminized Seeds; they can be grown indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, hydroponic, or in soil, and these seeds will still be perfect for the grower. They are ... Read More »

How to Take Healthy Clone Cuttings

Click Here to Get your Free Video: Republished by Blog Post Promoter Read More »

Germinating Your Cannabis Seeds: The Soil Technique

However, many people are still devoid of this fact and wrongly believe that the soil technique is not the valid one. But, if one intends to keep up using soil as a medium, then there is absolutely no reason for sprouting in soil to be unsuitable, and of course, there are many reasons that make it very suitable without a ... Read More »

Insight into the Various Pros and Cons of Auto-Flowering Seeds

Merits It can be grown at the beginning of every year and crop could be harvested by the mid-summer. Hence, it would give growers another chance for growing another round. You can enjoy multiple harvests in one year. Moreover, it doesn’t need a big, large cultivation space. It usually grows up to small heights and the flowers are also small. ... Read More »